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  • Engaging to Win: Does Your Sales Strategy Measure Up?Digitally savvy and ultra-informed, today’s customers complete most of the buying process before contacting sales—and the vast majority do their research online. In this environment, you need to engage customers, not manage them. Sounds good, but how can you make it happen? These success strategies guide the way. Read more
  • Interested In Integration? Ten Best Practices To Get You Started Off Right . You’ve heard lots about the goodies integration offers—like lower order and invoice costs, higher sales and retention, and faster payment. But what’s the best way to do it? Two leading sellers share surefire strategies for success. Read more
  • How to Create a Successful E-Commerce Team.To drive e-commerce excellence, you need a great team holding the reins. With the right approach, you can build one that’s top-notch. Here’s an inside perspective on what works and what doesn’t. Read more
  • Not Just Another Seller: Telling Your Story to Really Stand Out. In a commoditized market, it’s tough to convey what makes your business unique. Storytelling can help. With the right approach, you can humanize your business, forge lasting connections, and compete beyond price. Story guru Michael Margolis explains what works. Read more
  • Ten Top Strategies For Building B2B Success.Wondering how to make good B2B results great? The answer lies in your strategy—and the way you engage top-tier customers in your long-term plans. With these ten tips from B2B expert Sean Geehan, retention improves 25% and account growth triples. Read more
  • The Next Big Thing in B2B Commerce.Sure, you know consumerization is reshaping the world of B2B. But more big changes are just around the corner—or already here. Get a glimpse of the future before it lands on your doorstep so you can prep your business to lead and succeed. Read more
  • Need Help? A Quick Guide to Ariba Seller Support And Services.Whether you’re an Ariba newbie or a seasoned old-timer, questions inevitably come up. And the secret to finding fast answers is knowing where to go for what. This handy guide helps you reach the right resources pronto. Read more


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