E-commerce is more than an online storefront. It has implications across the business and this becomes more complex in a multichannel environment where integration with stores is important. To drive e-commerce excellence, you need a great team holding the reins. With the right approach, you can build one that's topnotch. Here's an inside perspective on what works and what doesn't.







In a session at Ariba LIVE 2014, two leading e-commerce sellers explained how they developed their teams in order to respond quickly and efficiently to their customers’ e-commerce requests. Read more


Why you need a dedicated e-commerce team to be successful?

  • It drives efficiency and increases revenue
  • It aligns disparate internal groups
  • It strengthens customer focus


Now you can create an outstanding e-commerce team, here are the best practices on how to do do it: keep relationships paramount: “People skills” rule, stick up for scalability, spread the e-commerce gospel, support innovation and stay current, cross-train to ensure resilience, document all processes and procedures, and measure your success. Read more


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To learn additional tips and best practices on how to build a successful e-commerce team, listen to the full session on the Ariba Slideshare site.



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Need additional sources? Check this presentation on How to Structure an E-Commerce Team by Michael de Kare-Silver