Are you ready for 2015?


It's time to think about your New Year's resolutions...We are here to help you to revitalize and renew your spirit to take advantage of all the possibilities of the new year.


New Year's resolutions top many to-do lists each holiday season. The new year is a beginning so new goals, new resolutions, new plans, new dreams, and new directions fuel your thoughts. Here are the top 8 successful posts of the year about social media, e-commerce, B2B, etc.


1. Making Social Media Pay: Measure Your Results to Maximize Impact - You know social media is essential in today’s B2B world, but how can you tell if your social strategies deliver the intended results? All too often, your efforts seem to fall into a black hole, making it tough to justify the time and money required. And while social does a great job of starting the relationship, traditional sales and marketing tend to convert it to a sale, which means the effects of social can get lost in the shuffle. What you really need are ways to both improve and measure the impact of social media on lead generation and customer retention—and to translate that into metrics like revenue creation, costs, and sales volume so you can close the gap between social and your bottom line. Read more


2. Six Scorecard Strategies to Enhance E-Commerce Success - As you evolve along the e-commerce maturity curve—moving from reactive mode, where you mainly respond to customer requests, to proactive, where you initiate actions that optimize your e-commerce capabilities to increase value for you and your customers—it’s important to put measurements in place to track progress and document success. And an e-commerce scorecard is a great tool to help you do it. Read more


3. Becoming a Predictive Business: Get the Information and Agility You Need to Succeed - Today’s businesses are increasingly affected by a convergence of multiple forces: social media, the cloud, business networks, big data, analytics, and more. These bring with them a huge amount of valuable data and information, much of it available in real time. Yet as SAP cloud senior vice president and chief marketing officer Tim Minahan points out, we’re reaching the point when “real time” is no longer good enough. For example, if you hear in real time that your manufacturing plant has gone down, or your biggest customer just defected to a competitor, it’s already too late. Instead, to stay ahead, companies must become predictive businesses. Read more


4. Engaging to Win: Does Your Sales Strategy Measure Up? - Today’s customers are more digitally connected, socially networked, and better informed than ever, putting control of the buying process squarely in their hands. This makes your job as a seller increasingly complex. What’s the best way to orchestrate your team? How do you find and focus on the right leads? Which strategies really work to help you win customer loyalty and turn satisfied buyers into advocates for your brand? While there are no hard-and-fast answers, understanding how the sales landscape has changed—and embracing the right techniques and tools to help you adapt—are crucial to selling more efficiently so you can survive and thrive in the B2B marketplace. Read more


5. Interested in Integration? Ten Best Practices to Get You Started Off Right - Once your business reaches a certain level, integrating your back-end systems with your customers through the Ariba® Network is one of the smartest moves you can make (check out this guide for tips on why and when to do it.) By enabling you to fully automate the order-to-cash cycle, integration delivers major benefits—including 75% lower order and invoice processing costs, higher retention and sales, and faster payment. Yet what’s the best way to go about it? And how can you ensure the process goes smoothly—not only with your first integration, but all the others that follow? Read more


6. The Next Big Thing in B2B E-Commerce - You can’t go far these days without hearing how B2C trends and technologies are reshaping the B2B world. And while the consumerization of B2B continues to command attention, you may be wondering about the Next Big Thing. What lies ahead for B2B sellers, and how can you ready your business to meet it? Read more


7. The Perfect Order: Here’s How to Deliver It Now - The perfect  order: your customers want it, and you strive to achieve it—but all too  often, factors outside your control can derail it. And as your customer base becomes  more global and value chain relationships get more complex, delivering “the right  product, to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity, to the right  customer” may feel like an increasingly elusive goal. If you’re nodding your head, you’re not alone. For example, 70% of  sellers lack visibility into customer orders and confirmed receipt of goodsi—key  to the perfect order—and it’s no wonder. Read more


8. Good Things in Small Packages: SAP Business One™   Now Integrates to Ariba® Network, Making Touchless Transacting Simple for Smaller Sellers - Connecting efficiently with customers can make or break your success as  a seller. But in today’s global economy, that’s not always so easy. Managing  orders, invoices, and other processes across diverse systems, data formats, and  geographies can be very challenging, especially if you’re a small or midsized  seller. Sure, the right technologies can help solve the problem—but which  strategies will work best for your company? Automating your back end is an obvious first step, one most small  sellers can afford. And joining open, global B2B platforms like the Ariba®  Network gives you a many-to-many way to transact with multiple customers and  grow your business. Read more