Social media, surveys, sales records, and more: you track customer thoughts, feelings, and actions across a wide range of channels. Yet simply gathering the most data won’t make you stand out; knowing how to leverage it to engage your customers more effectively will. These secrets and strategies can help you turn the data you have into the results you want. Read more


Generating sales and maintaining customer satisfaction are based on a simple enough proposition: the need to know what people want and make it available to them in a pleasant and convenient way.


The best way to maintain customer satisfaction is not to change their perceptions, but rather to provide products /services which affirm their pre-existing perceptions.




As a seller, you work hard to understand what makes your customers  happy—specifically, happy with your products and services so they’ll buy more  of them. And in today’s technology-saturated world, that means collecting  customer data. The more data you have, and the better you can use it, the greater  success you’ll realize in your customer experience management (CEM) efforts. Read more


Practice Makes Perfect: Key CEA Success Strategies


1. Create a  unified system of record that all key stakeholders can access.

2. Standardize  and integrate.

3. Segment  and tailor.

4. Stay on  top of mobile and social.

5. Choose the channels your prospects and customers prefer.

6. Set goals  and measure results.


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