SAP Business One is built for small to medium sized businesses that have outgrown their accounting-only or legacy systems and are looking for a single, integrated solution to manage their entire business. SAP Business One provides executives and managers with instant access to critical business information so they can confidently make informed business decisions, and offers more than just accounting. SAP Business One is a comprehensive solution that covers virtually all aspects of your business including finance, logistics/operations and customer relationship management.


If you want to grow your business, enhancing efficiency helps pave the way. Automating your back end with a solution like SAP Business One is a smart first step, and transacting globally on the Ariba® Network is another. But the biggest benefits come from integration—the superhighway for straight-through electronic processing with your customers. Thanks to one small seller, now there’s a great new way to do it.






Connecting efficiently with customers can make or break your success as a seller. But in today’s global economy, that’s not always so easy. Managing orders, invoices, and other processes across diverse systems, data formats, and geographies can be very challenging, especially if you’re a small or midsized seller. Sure, the right technologies can help solve the problem—but which strategies will work best for your company? Read more



Why SAP Business One?


With demand for global collaboration playing a growing role in business commerce, smaller sellers need powerful solutions to stay in the game—and that’s what SAP Business One provides. Used by 45,000 companies in 110 countries and 26 languages, SAP Business One offers sophisticated functionality that drives speed and efficiency across every aspect of your business, helping you meet the requirements of customers worldwide:


  • A cohesive, scalable solution automates and accelerates end-to-end business processes
  • Real-time insights improve decision making and customer satisfaction
  • In-memory technology optimizes application performance and analytics
  • SAP Integration Framework allows intercompany data exchange and communications across systems and locations, enhancing collaboration and efficiency
  • Mobile app offers instant system access anytime, anywhere
  • Built-in support for invoicing rules in 40+ countries
  • Easy implementation allows go-live in two to eight weeks (or as little as three days with trial starter package)
  • More than 550 field-tested, industry-specific add-ons enable tailoring/extension of the solution
  • Expert, hands-on support from channel partners to select, customize, and implement the solution
  • Affordable on-premise, cloud, or discount starter package deployment options



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