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The Ariba Exchange User Community, launched last year to replace Help@Ariba, introduced a wealth of valuable new tools and resources to help you get the most out of e-commerce and your Ariba account. As this overview explains, the community’s simple navigation, speedy search, and superior support have made it easier than ever to resolve issues quickly and find the answers you need, where and when you need them.


But the good news doesn’t stop there. Now Ariba is rolling out new features and functionality to make the community even better, with enhanced access, interaction, and information that add value for all sellers. Read on to see what’s happening and how it will benefit you.


What’s changing with the community?

Several exciting upgrades are in the works, including:




  • Community access everywhere. Rather than having to click “Help” and “Help Center” to access the community—requiring you to navigate away from the application you’re in—you can take advantage of a new community area that appears within every Ariba® Network application. This means that whether you’re looking at leads, proposals, contracts, orders and invoices, or anything else in your Ariba account, community resources are always right at your fingertips.


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With convenient community access on every page, you can easily review context-sensitive help, connect quickly with other users, and get fast answers to questions or concerns.



  • Spotlights:  A new way to stay in the know. Wondering what’s new? Curious about the latest  hot topics? The Spotlight feature tells you all this and more. Check out this constantly  changing content for time-sensitive alerts, event or new feature announcements,  or compelling questions posted by community users.

  • Community  help: Optimized options for information. In addition to handy, one-click  access to Ariba documentation and support, the community gives you plenty of great  new ways to get the information you need:  
    • In-depth  search. Simply enter keywords or topic names in the “Search Community”  field to instantly comb the entire community for specific resources. Search  results appear directly within the community window, so you can review items  there or click to view more results in a new window.

    • Intuitive  help. Ever wish you had an assistant who could read your mind? Well, with  the community’s new context-sensitive help feature, you’ve got the next best  thing. Within the community area, you’ll always see a list of resources—including  product documentation, FAQs, tutorials, datasheets, articles, and more—directly  relevant to the page you’re viewing and the task you’re performing. Intelligent  automation suggests new content whenever you switch activities. For example, if  you’re updating pricing in a customer’s catalog, the items you see will relate  to revising catalogs, but if you then click the Inbox tab, a new array of  resources will show up germane to using the inbox. Be sure to glance through the  list regularly for information that can enrich your user experience, resolve  problems, or answer questions—sometimes before you even realize it’s something  you need to know.

    • Deeper  engagement through Q&A. The new “Ask Community” button lets you post questions  to all community users and get answers from peers and Ariba staff. You’ll be  notified via email whenever a new response arrives (you can unsubscribe to email  alerts for your question at any time.) This offers a many-to-many support  option that lets you leverage the knowledge and expertise of the broader  community—opening the door to interesting dialogues and deepening the level of information  you receive. To delve down even more, switch to full-page view, where you’ll  see a list of recent questions plus a “View more questions” link that lets you  view all posted queries. You can also click on a popular tag or perform a  search on an area of interest, then click the “Q&A” box under “Refine” to see  questions and answers posted about that topic.

  • Customized  user profiles: Find a friendly face. In any conversation, it’s nice to know  whom you’re talking to, and the new user profile feature helps you do exactly that.  Including your photo, title, and company name in your user profile adds a  personal touch to your participation, giving other community members a sense of  who you are while letting you do the same with them.


When will the new features be available?


Access to the new Ariba Exchange User Community is being introduced on a  rolling timeframe, with all sellers scheduled for transition during the next  few months. Your account administrator will be notified a short time before  your account is updated.