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B2B is gaining incredible momentum in the marketplace among business customers. E-commerce is fundamentally changing B2B commerce, this trend is strong,  B2B companies are making the move to online sales and B2B e-commerce.


B2B collaboration provides the information and control you need to accelerate processes, improve strategic decision-making, sell better, and deliver more of the personalized attention buyers want. Forrester will tell you that Ariba has the largest and most advanced PO/invoice supplier network. That we’re leading the way to true business network collaboration.








According to Forrester’s September 2015 report titled Vendor Landscape: B2B Business Networks, the collaboration, critical mass, and capabilities offered by networks like Ariba could give you an important strategic advantage going forward.



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  • CIOs Have Three Options For Business Networks

  • The Rising Adoption And Usage Of EDI And Supplier Networks

  • Who’s Who In Business Networks

  • Vertical Industry Networks Have An Early Lead, But Watch For Others








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