If you want to capture customer interest quickly, a well-placed picture can work wonders. Why? Because the brain can identify images in just 13 milliseconds,1 whereas words take longer to digest. That makes images a potential powerhouse to promote your business. And with the introduction of digital achievement badges—colorful graphic icons designed to showcase your Ariba Network experience—you have a whole new way to get your message across.


Giving greater visibility to your e-commerce expertise


Included as part of the new Ariba Network subscriptions launched in September, digital achievement badges benefit your company by giving prospective buyers at-a-glance awareness of your e-commerce accomplishments.2 Here’s how it works:


  • Each badge designates a specific e-commerce capability or milestone you reach on Ariba Network. The more experience you gain, the more badges you earn—and the more easily you can differentiate your business from competitors.
  • Once you meet the criteria for a particular badge, it will automatically appear on your SAP Ariba supplier profile (which is visible to SAP Ariba buyers).

  • During onboarding, sourcing, or supplier search activities, buying organizations can instantly assess your proficiency by checking out which badges you have. This can significantly tilt the odds in your favor if you have the experience they want, helping you win business and gain preferential treatment over less-credentialed rivals.


Designed by suppliers, for suppliers


To optimize relevance and value, SAP Ariba solicited supplier feedback throughout the badge design process. During focus groups and in-depth interviews, participants helped to define eight badges that would best illustrate the entire range of supplier e-commerce capabilities. Here’s a quick rundown of the final badge selection:




The customer count badge shows that you have transacted with two or more customers on Ariba Network.



The catalog usage badge shows that you use a CIF or PunchOut catalog with at least one customer on Ariba Network.



The order badge shows that you have fulfilled an order for one or more customers through Ariba Network.



The integration badge shows that you have integrated with a customer through Ariba Network via cXML or EDI.



The lead badge shows that you have responded to at least one business lead through Ariba Discovery.



The payment badge shows that you use the AribaPay solution with one or more customers.



The transaction volume badge indicates that you have conducted at least 50 purchase order and/or invoice transactions on Ariba Network.



The invoice badge shows that you have processed an invoice through Ariba Network.

As the program grows, SAP Ariba will continue to develop new badges and fine-tune existing ones based on user input. Plans are also underway to create external versions of the badges that you can add to your own sales and marketing materials, websites, and social media.


Find out more


For additional information about digital achievement badges and how they can benefit your business, contact the Seller Commerce Consultant team at commerceassistance@sap.com.



1 Anne Trafton, “In the Blink of an Eye,” MIT News website, 16 January 2014; original source Mary C. Potter, Brad Wyble, Carl Erick Hagmann, and Emily S. McCourt, “Detecting Meaning in RSVP at 13 ms per Picture” published in Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics, Volume 76, January 2014, p. 275.

2 Digital achievement badges are provided for all suppliers in good standing at the Bronze level and above, with rollout occurring through September 2017. Once you become a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum supplier—whether for the first time or when you renew your subscription on your master anniversary date—the badge feature will be activated for your account.