Ariba Discovery Fact of the Month
Timing is everything


You work hard, maximize your budget, and fill the sales pipeline. But research tells us that although 30%-50% of the leads in your pipeline are qualified, they’re not yet ready to buy. What’s a business to do?



You could nurture these leads until they’re ready…unless you don’t have the time or resources.


You could abandon the leads...but that would be a waste of time and money!


Or…you could fill your pipeline with buyers in an active buying cycle. Buyers who are ready to buy now!


If you’re tired of leads that don’t move down the funnel or want to accelerate your sales cycle, log in to Ariba Discovery now to review and respond to the leads you’ve been matched with. Or, sign up for Ariba Discovery Advantage and respond to an unlimited number of leads from active buyers for only one small annual fee of $599.