Are you ready for 2017?


We would like to wish you a very Happy New Year 2017.  A "New Year" is a new start of the year welcoming with more health, happiness, cheerfulness, prosperity, and high expectations. It's time to think about your New Year's resolutions...We are here to help you to revitalize and renew your spirit to take advantage of all the possibilities of the new year.

The new year is a beginning so new goals, new resolutions, new plans, new dreams, and new directions fuel your thoughts. Here are the top 5 successful posts of the year:


1. How to Win Business on Ariba Discovery - Two supplier experts share strategies they use to build connections and win deals on Ariba Discovery—and how you can, too. Read more

2. How to Sell E-Commerce to Your Leadership - Getting the C-suite to embrace e-commerce can feel like pulling teeth: You might have all the right tools, but they still won’t budge. Toly Shilman of Kimberly-Clark and Martin Rhode of Hewlett Packard Enterprise share surefire strategies to help you succeed. Read more

3. Ariba Spot Buy: Quick Access to Big Business - By putting your catalog in front of thousands of customers you couldn’t reach before, Ariba Spot Buy opens up a huge channel for potential sales. Read more

4. Getting What You Pay For: The Advantage of Ariba® Network - Think free networks are a better bargain than Ariba® Network? Think again. As analysts and suppliers attest, the value Ariba Network delivers makes it far more cost-effective than any other solution. Find out why. Read more

5. Get Ready for AribaPay: Simple, Secure, On-Time Payment - Clear visibility into payment status, control over when you get paid, reconciliation in minutes instead of days: get all this and more with AribaPay, the B2B payment solution that’s taking the business world by storm. Read more