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    Introduce yourself!

    Justin Fogarty Master

      I'll get things started...


      I am Justin Fogarty, Ariba's Online Community Manager. In addition to my work on getting this community off the ground, I also handle Ariba's social media, including the Supply Excellence blog, our YouTube videos, Twitter, and LinkedIn Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Group.


      When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my wife and 5 year old son. I also run marathons, attempt DIY projects that are over my head, and cook.


      I great up in Nashville, so if you have questions about where to go for some fun, let me know...



      408 348-5844

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          Enjoyed the demo and this is my first time adding my two cents on this type of community forum. Conference is fabulous and looking most forward to the wild horse...I think we should see the ariba session instructors line dancing tonight! I will give up my extra drink tix as added "liquid courage!"

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            bkennelly Newbie
            Hi.  I am Barbara Kennelly with Discover.  I have been enjoying meeting new people at the conference.  It has been a great experience and looking forward to hanging out at the Wildhorse tonight!
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              I'm Stacy Ingrassia, a Sourcing Manager at AstraZeneca.  I was excited to hear about the electronic signature capability.  Looking forward to the two free months offered at the session today to try it out, but looking more forward to kickin' it up at the Wild Horse tonight!


              See y'all there!



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                My name is Rob Seren and I work for NiSource.  I primarily source contracted services for electric generation and electric transmission and distribution construction projects.


                I have learned a great deal of information from the user group breakout sessions and I plan to utilize some of the ideas in my next sourcing project.  Thanks for an informative few days.

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                  David Heller Expert

                  Hi I'm David Heller and I'm the Strategic Procurement Solutions Manager at Hewlett Packard. My team manages the Ariba upstream solutions (Sourcing, Contracts, SPM, Analysis) as well as other applications within HP including a Business Objects platform, various supplier enablement tools, fleet solutions, quoting tools, and travel solutions.


                  I'm based in Houston, Texas but have spent significant time in New York, Florida, Germany, Colorado and California.


                  I'm really happy Ariba put this platform in place for custoemrs to interact with each other to supplement events like the user conference.


                  Sorry I missed out on the Wildhorse Saloon last night!



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                    Keith York Apprentice

                    Hey- I'm Keith York, I work w/ David Heller at HP.  My principal role right now is establishing and maintaining a 3 year strategic solutions roadmap for our indirect and services procurement organization.  Very excited to see Ariba providing this kind of platform and I anticipate using it to keep the roadmap current.


                    I live in Boise, ID (no - not Iowa) and am not in Nashville this week so I didn't make the Wildhorse Saloon either.  Can't wait for the stories and pictures though.  :-)


                    I used to be a marathon runner in my younger days but gave it up 'cause it's just painful.  I remain in half-marathon form and mostly enjoy 10ish mile trail runs, Biking and Backcountry skiing in my backyard.  Justin - my wife and I both have Tennessee roots so we'll have to tie out and see if we're distant cousins someday.  ( Sorry to perpetuate stereotypes about the south)



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                      jlitvak Apprentice

                      Hello, everyone!  My name is Julia Litvak and I am the Director of eSourcing at Covidien (formerly Tyco Healthcare).  I am very excited about Ariba Exchange and the ability to communicate with the sourcing professionals at other companies.  I loved the conference.  It was my first Ariba User Conference and I thought every breakout session I attended was valuable.

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                        Hi, my name is Todd Kimpton and I am responsible for Procurement and Accounts Payable at JM Family Enterprises.  We currently use Ariba Sourcing and will be converting from the legacy Procuri TotalContracts to Ariba Contracts soon (both On Demand).  We are also in the middle of implementing Invoice Professional so I am interested in connecting with others who have implemented this to get some advice from you.

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                          Joe Fox Ariba Contributor

                          Hello Everyone,


                            I'm Joe Fox with Ariba and I am the Solution Owner for the Financial Solutions (Invoice, Payment and Working Capital) and for the Network Solutions (Buyer.Ariba.Com, Supplier Enablement and Supplier.Ariba.Com).  I'm looking forward to the collaborating on the Ariba Exchange.  I plan on sharing thoughts via the blog functionality as I've done a few times at http://www.supplyexcellence.com/blog/.  You can find my full profile out on LinkedIn if you go to LinkIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/josephafox .


                            I'm originally from St. Louis, Missouri, born in Columbus Ohio.  I moved to Pleasanton California in 2005 and have lived here ever since.  I work out of the Ariba Sunnyvale office and have a great team of Product Managers who are also participating in the Ariba Exchange.  You probably met some of the product managers at the recent User Conference. 


                            I returned to Ariba two years ago after being away for 7 years.  I'm very interested in hearing from our buyer and supplier customers so that we can understand how you are getting value from our solutions, what key business problems you still need to solve and how we might add to our current solutions. 


                          Welcome to the Ariba Exchange!


                          Best Regards,


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                            Julie W Newbie

                            Hello! I am Julie. I came across this forum and surf with this forum.
                            I like it much and looks informative. I would like to say hello to all the forum members.
                            Hope have a good time with you all.






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                              Henry Robinson Ariba Contributor

                              My name is Henry Robinson, and I am the new Product Manager for Ariba Discovery.  Before working at Ariba, I worked at eBay for 3 years.


                              Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.


                              Talk to you soon!