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    Adding more commodities

    Justin Fogarty Master

      "How do I add more commodities onto Ariba?"


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          Valentin Petit Novice



          I have wanted to know if you had the answer to your question because I'm in the same situation.


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            Pranesh Mehta Expert

            We have a similar requirement of both changing and adding new commodity codes... we have had no options other than to reload catalogs, we some how managed to regenerate subscription for contracts..


            Does any one have come into similar situation and how did they manage catalogs for changed to Commodity Codes

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                Valentin Petit Novice

                How do you load new catalogs?

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                    Pranesh Mehta Expert

                    i Valentin,


                    I am not sure if i understood your question correctly... if you are asking me how are we reloading catalogs.. we have built some scripts wich would export the catalogs and give it to us in a specific format.. but still loading the catalog becomes a manual process and is error prone.... I guess commodity code realignment should be a generic requirement across ariba clients and i am wondering how did others manage to reload catalogs in those cases... any suggestions would be of great help...  just an additional info we are on 9r1

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                  Arshan.Bomanjee Master

                  Follow these steps to fill out the list of commodities and then submit them on the Ariba webform. 


                  1. Login to Ariba, click on the "Help" drop-down (upper-right corner of the page) and select "Support".

                  2. On the following page, you will see a section called "Site Administration Templates" and in that open "Commodity Code Modification Template" template.

                  3. Fill out the Excel sheet and submit it through the Ariba webform.




                  Ariba Site Administration provides customers with a centralized site management service to streamline the functions needed to
                  maintain and update their sourcing software site. The Business Sponsor should contact Ariba using the phone number and email address found on their Ariba sourcing site to request that a Site Administration task be performed. Only the designated Business Sponsor has authorization to request changes to the Ariba sourcing site.


                  Hope this helps.