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    Best way to automate supplier shipping notification via the ASN?

    Justin Fogarty Master

      "I manage a high volume on demand IT/Telco procurement process that requires constant communication with our supplier base. We rely heavily on a combination of suppliers punch out sites and reports that still need to be keyed  into Ariba by someone in my team. I am interested on automating as much as possble by implementing supplier shipping notification via the ASN. We are also looking to implement electronic invoicing as much as we can. Our plan is to leverage the ASN to enhance the purchase order receipt function which is the backbone of eInvoicing for IT/Telco procurement."


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          bcordina Apprentice
          The shipping notification is our most "important" transaction that we receive via the ASN.  It allows us to bill our customers sooner and increase cash flow.  This is the main reason why we implemented the ASN.   So yes, I think it would automate your process as well. I would be interested in anyone else's experience with shipment notification compliance.  We seem to be one of the only buyers on the network that place such an importance on the shipment notification.