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    Ariba vs SAP SRM 7

    lmillette Newbie

      Hi there,


      Have any of you found documentation, blogs, white papers, presentations or studies where Ariba Buyer (9r1 ideally) and SAP SRM 7 are being compared?


      I have seen some interesting blogs on spendmatters.com, a Gartner study, some SAP links (distinct SAP flavor! :-)), but nothing on Connect or Exchange. Of course a big point for Ariba is the ASN; what are the others?


      Seems the trend is to compare both options, and we are at the gathering input stage... :-)




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          Srinath Kadaba Newbie

          Hi Linda,

          My name is Srinath and I am Business Consultant with Target. It is very intresting to see that some other company is also evaluating the SAP SRM  and Ariba 9ri products.

          We at Target has just started to compare SAP SRM with Ariba 9ri. I thougth it would be a good idea to share ideas, thoughts and what we are both doing. Please let me know if we can have a short call sometime tomorrow.


          Srinath N Kadaba

          Business Consultant 612-304-2089 (Work)612-886-3819 (Home)
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            Venu Merugu Novice


            I too need some material comparing these two products, Can you let me know if you got some information... If you have some material can you please share it..:)




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              Senthil Arumugam Newbie
              Having worked on both Ariba and SAP SRM, I would say that both the products have thier own pros and cons. IT user perspective might be different from the business user choice of the product. Ofcourse if you are an SAP shop, it is worth looking at SAP SRM. Also in case if you are not looking for holding a considerable team or paying for one for the integration related activities, maintenance and support et al... SAP SRM scores. If you are looking for the business to get the best in class, best of the breed and easy to customize application definitely you should have a look at Ariba 9r1. The look and feel, integration with SAP and end to end integration of business processes have definitely improved considerably in Ariba 9r1. When it comes to reporting I would not rate Ariba Analysis as the best in class tool in the market. You could look at SAP BI / Business Objects for reporting in case if you are an SAP Shop. At the end of the day, it is of course what the business needs are and want IT CIO's goals are and boils down to the TCO for the end to end business process. The choice differs from organization to organization and there is no one verdict on this!
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                Jay Merenda Journeyman

                There is some great content on this on http://www.spendmatters.com, also has very good comparisons of the ASN vs. other supplier networks with regards to funcitonality and charging models.   Contact me if you want additional info.



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                  John Lark Novice

                  Forrester recently did a comparison in their eProcurement Wave of 2011 (http://www.ariba.com/resourcelibrary/views/resource_library_asset_brief.cfm?asset_id=800)


                  Areas to consider should include the ability to onboard and maintain new suppliers / catalogs, accessibility to supplier portals and how you collaborate with suppliers on more complex goods or services.  If you're running different versions of SAP or different ERP's you should also consider how to best consolidate those into a set of universal best practices.

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                      researchscholar007 Master

                      Hi All,

                      My client is replacing SRM with Ariba for P2O solution.


                      1.  Does anyone have any document to show the field mapping between Ariba Data Dictionary file fields with SAP ECC table-fields?

                      2. Once we get the field mapping, next big challenge is designing / modifying ariba supplied  the extractor program.

                      3. Are there any Ariba provided pre-configured programs for standard functions like sending and receiving the P2O documents from Ariba to SAP ECC and from SAP ECC to ariba?

                      We are writing functional specs for PO, GR, Invoice related information exchange , creation of Asset Master in Ariba while creating an Ariba based procurement of assets.

                      It looks like the people on this group have already gone through the motions and are now well familiarised with the SAP ECC-Ariba integration aspect, hence seeking help on this thread.




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                          Saravanan Dharmaraj Apprentice

                          Hi Rahul / Srinath,


                             I have been in SAP SRM World since 2005. Can you please share your thoughts and experiences on how can we gather the knowledge in Ariba? It will be really appreciate if you could share the documents of P2P and P2O from Ariba point of view. Configuration documents and so on..




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                              researchscholar007 Master

                              Hi Sarvanan,

                              At present i am learning by trial and error, and with actual hands on experience  of On-Demand Solution:

                              Observations so far:

                              1. On-Demand solution is still evolving from its original form of - on site or CD solution, so Data Dictionary is good as a starting point, however, it is not a reliable document . There are factual inconsistencies between what is required to make a successful file load, and what is available in data dictionary.

                              2. Ariba provided standard extraction program ZARIBA_SSP_MASTER_DATA_PULL fetches only about 40% of the total files you would need to make On-Demand solution to work. Balance 60% files, you have to prepare manually. AND IT IS CUMBERSOME!!!!

                              3. Information which is being pulled thru the extractor program are not necessarily in sync with the data dictionary column structure, which means before loading the files, the project team needs to either add or delete the columns.

                              4. when you log in into Ariba the drop-down menu options has weird export parameters for the field values. For example in GL account, you can see only the GL account numbers ... No description, .. Imagine u viewing jus numeric value and being asked to select the a G/L account for raising the Requisitions.

                              5. If you have worked with SAP and SRM, some of the points like 'delivery address' and how to enter delivery address, are significantly different in Ariba. In Ariba, a 'plant' is created to represent a delivery address. ( Imagine you want to allow user to enter ANY delivery address and you would end up creating sizable number of plants.


                              Hope this would give you a flavour of challenges your project would get while implementing Ariba On-Demand solution.


                              If you have any specific questions, please let me know .



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                                anu Apprentice

                                Hi Saravanan,


                                I am new to ARIBA.  I want to know the basic difference between SAP & ARIBA. How is it integrated with SAP SRM? Can you share some documents on this?


                                Thanks in advance for your help!!



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                            Dileep Kinthada Expert

                            Hello All,


                            I too am interested in the differences between SRM and 9r1.  There is much discussion at our company about this possible solution.

                            Would it be possible for anyone to share the documentation you have .

                            My email ID is dileep.kinthada@gmail.com