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    9R1 Upgrade Effort


      Like many of you, our team is currently working to plan for a 9R1 upgrade beginning in early 2010. We have a CD installation and have the following modules in use:  Sourcing, ACM, Buyer, Category Procurement, Invoicing and Analysis.  We will be completing the upgrade with the combination of 2 Ariba consultants and our dedicated 6 member team.  We are currently planning to begin our conversion activities in early January, and hope to go live in late August.  We've been spending a lot of time working to determine how reasonable this overall project schedule is.  The largest unknown, however, is how many issues we will encounter while running the upgrade harness and how long these will take to resolve.


      I would be very intereted to hear what other teams have encountered with their 9R1 upgrades and what your plans are for this significant effort.

      Thank you!



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          Keith York Apprentice

          Jeremy - I'm not going to be able to offer technical details but I can offer some hopefully helpful info.


          I'm w/ HP.  We just finished a 13 month project migrating Sourcing, ACM, SPM and Analysis from one platform and Buyer from another onto a single integrated 9R1 platform.  We had as many as 5 consultants at one point working with us, as well as a core team of about 25 people.   I led the upstream effort.


          Quick context:  Our Upstream platform was close to 'out of the box' in terms of customizations.  Our buyer implementation was highly customized.  We also had distinct underlying master data in each platform and distinct groups, roles and permissions.  Lastly, we made the decision not to migrate any PR/PO information from Buyer given the almost impossible technical complications that would have entailed, but we did migrate everything from the upstream apps.  We had approximately 8,000 sourcing projects and 19,000 contract projects to migrate.  One of our biggest objectives, in addition to integrating the two distinct platforms and providing a platform to implement Contract Compliance, was to eliminate customizations.


          Our biggest challenges were:


          1.  For reasons I'm not entirely clear about, we had numerous issues running the migration harness for upstream.  We ran it once to stand up our dev environment, twice, (I'm pretty sure), to move to our system test environment, once if not twice to move to UAT and 1.5 times to get to production.  The first few times took over a week each if I'm not mistaken, as issues were identified, cleared and the harness restarted.  Even as we moved to production the harness had issues and didn't complete on time.


          2.  Our sourcing data, for some reason, took days to migrate.  I don't know if our sourcing projects/events are more complex than others but it's something to definitely look out for.


          3.  The job of integrating two distinct sets of groups, roles and permissions combined with comprehending and allowing for the changes to permissions that 9R1 brings, caused us to spend an unexpectedly large amount of time ensuring that users in the new environment had the same access they had in the old environments.  This piece is not to be underestimated.  (We had t-shirts made that said 'GRP's STINK'.)


          4.  We had many, many performance issues when we first started our user testing on the upstream applications.  I don't know how many of those issues were architecture based but I do know many had to do with query performance tuning on the Ariba side.  Our testing phase had to be extended to allow for those issues.  Again - something to just be aware of.


          5.  Lastly - in retrospect we didn't do enough early deep, deep testing of the sourcing events.  As you know they can get very complicated.  There are alot of changes in that module so make sure you build out a very thorough list of test cases, testing every combination of event configurations, and give the team plenty of time to test.  Much of what appears to be defects initially will turn out to be design changes but it's a long process to figure that out.


          I sincerely hope that the consulting group has a 'knowledge base' of some sorts so that the consultants you're working with will benefit from learnings on our implementation.


          Keith York

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              lmillette Newbie

              Hello Keith,


              This is great input! Thank you!!!


              We too are looking at upgrading to 9r1 next year and have a similar landscape... I was wondering if the 25 people in the core team were business and technical? eg. How many technical people were involved (in-house), and how long was the "pure" development & unit testing phase?


              Also wondering if you are integrated to a back-end ERP?


              Thanks again!
              Linda Millette

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                  Keith York Apprentice

                  Linda - thanks for asking.  I should have clarified.


                  I'm business.  The 25 people I referenced were all business.  A handful of us were 100% dedicated to this project, the rest were in between 50 and 75% of the time engaged in this while still maintaining our legacy applications.


                  I don't have exact numbers in front of me but there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 IT team members split somewhat evenly between upstream and downstream.  Business turned over all of our requirements documents in December/early January.  IT design work (which, I believe, was mostly building the new platform and getting the migration to work the first time over, was from Mid Jan to March.  Our pure construction phase was 2 months, March and April, followed by a 2 week migration to SIT and another 4 weeks of System test.  So - business turned over to IT early January - we got the system back to test on July 1.  We tested from July all the way through August.  Given some of the challenges I mentioned we wish we had had longer to test.

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                      Jennifer Satterwhite Journeyman

                      Hi all!

                      Wanted to let you know that I've moved this discusison thread to the *new* 9r1 Upgrades group.

                      You can use this group to discuss anything and everything about 9r1.  You can even post documents that you'd like to share with your 9r1 peers.

                      Feel free to make it your own!

                      It will be an invitation only group, but anyone who has upgraded, is upgrading, or is planning to upgrade will be allowed to join.

                      Spread the word to your colleagues if you'd like.  The direct URL for the group is:  http://exchange.ariba.com/groups/9r1upgrades





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                    Hi Keith


                    I realize this question/ reply comes after a long time.


                    Is there anyone on your technical team we can get in touch with to understand the issues your company faced? Perhaps not more than an hour's call or discussion for lessons learned? You mention that Buyer was customized for your company - did the same customizations increased/ decreased after the upgrade? are they now easier/ harder to maintain?


                    Thanks - appreciate your input.



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                        David Heller Expert

                        Hi Farhana,


                        I'll look at seeing if we can get someone. I work with Keith at HP. We run our IT people to the ground though and I think even getting an hour might be difficult. I tmigh tbe better if you put together some questions.that they could be prepared for or answer off line.


                        To answer your other question. Our customization count significantly decreased and it makes support and troubleshooting more straight forward. Also, wWe will be installing Sp 7 & 8 in the next couple of months and are anxious to see that process take less time due to easier regression testing, porting of code, etc.



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                      Glen Barton Newbie

                      It is a significant task.


                      Here at GSK we are upgrading CD Ariba Buyer to 9r1, and have planned 5 months duration for the project.  We currently have 2 Ariba consultants onshore, and there are some offshore people participating as well.  This is a fairly intense activity, and two of my staff are working on this as well, one at 100% the other at 50% utilization.  The business is involved in weekly meetings to review progress and give input of their pre-UAT testing.  The business folks will have a large task to do training prior to go-live.


                      Recently we have run into a severe performance problem which popped up in one day and we are having trouble finding the source of the problem.  Numerous checks of the Unix system reveal no issues or changes around when the problem started.  Ariba is now trying to find a way to fix this.


                      Glen Barton  - IT group