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    How do you define punchingroups.csv file?

    Eric Stratmann Newbie

      I need to set up punchingroups.csv and import to define catalog views for my ASN realm.  I can't find any documentation in Ariba Connect.  Need to know a manual with the fields in the csv file or perhaps just answer the following question:


      Assume that I have 3 catalogs, AAA, BBB and CCC, in my ASN test realm (I'm on demand).  If I want to create a punchingroup called Electrical Suppliers composed of only AAA and BBB then show me in a CSV to either include the 2 of them or to just exclude CCC from the all display.



      Eric Stratmann

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          Tim Fabiniak Master



          Typically, the best way to determine what information you need in a CSV file is with the Data Dictionary. If you go to the Data Import/Export tool, there will be a link that says "Download Data Dictionary." The DD is an Excel sheet with tabs for each of the import events. That sheet should have information on which columns are available/required and what format the data should take.


          The other place to look for information is the Ariba Service Administration Guide. You should be able to find this on Connect - let me know if you have any issues. The content on Punchin Groups starts around page 159.


          Perhaps somebody else has a copy of the Data Dictionary handy and can let you know what the columns are specifically.