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    Spell Check

    jreeves Master

      One of the most common questions/requests I get is around spell checking RFX's or surveys.  Event at the most recent user conference this came up as a highly requested feature.  I wanted to let everyone know the different types of options which are available and maybe some of the community can comment on whether they have tried these options and whether they had success using them.


      Option 1) Download to Excel and spell check in Excel.  This option is extremely quick as you can download the event content to Excel and hit F7 (Under Tools->Spelling) to do a spell check.


      Option 2) Use Firefox web browser built in spell checker.  Not everyone uses Firefox, but for those of you who can this is a great option to do spell checking directly on the web page itself.


      Option 3) Use a 3rd Party plugin (Google IESpell for one type of free spell checker).  For those of you whose IT Department lets you install plugins to Internet Explorer this may be an option as well.  I installed this a couple of years ago and the major drawback was that it was on a question by question basis.


      Guud Lick