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    Multiple Sessions?

    jlinn Apprentice

      Has there ever been thought on, if or how, a user can have open multiple 'sessions' to multi task and work on many projects at a time in Ariba?

      My current browser automatically logs me out of a seperate session if I open another browser. Not having this functionality severely limits my Productivity in Ariba.  


      Would this be an item worth an enhancement request?


      I've been given the work-around of having a seperate browser (chrome, firefox, etc), but IT will not allow.


      Currently if I'm in a project and get a question on another, Or request to make an admin change I have to completely save and exit anything I'm working on.


      Major pain!

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          David Morel Master

          Have you tried using two different session of your browser?  I just tried it and it appeared to work.  Here is what I did:


          1. Opened a browser by clicking on the icon for IE on my desktop...clicked on my bookmark for the login page and logged in...

          2. Opened a 2nd browser by clicking on the icon for IE on my desktop...clicked on my bookmark for the login page and logged in...

          3. Navigated in and around in each, back and forth.  No Problems.

          4. You can't edit the same event/project at the same time, that would cause some errors most likely.


          Try it and let me know how it works!

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              Tim Fabiniak Master

              Yeah, you have to actually create separate instances of the browser. This means that you cannot click New Tab or New Window, you'll have to double-click the icon for IE (or Firefox) twice. I do this in training classes regularly and haven't had any issues.


              Another thing worth trying - if you're working in On-Demand or 9r1, you can quickly jump between projects using the Recent menu (in the purple menu bar at the top). The Recent menu will stick with you as you work, so it's not necessary to jump to the Dashboard first. While this isn't the same as multiple simultaneous sessions, it's quite useful.

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                Raul Davila Novice
                This worked great for me.  Thanks
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                Greg Gardner Newbie

                Based on my own unscientific observations with Internet Explorer only, this might be primarily a function of your browser version.  I can run multiple sessions in Internet Explorer v6, but in IE7 or 8 I see the effect you have described.


                I can't speak to the technical architecture / requirements, but I know that IE 7-8 are tabbed and 6 is not.  If I try to log in as a supplier and a buyer in separate sessions, I can do it in IE6.  But in IE 7, whether I'm running different tabs in the same window or different sessions altogether, it still seems to overwrite one session with the other's credentials.  So that's a lot of words just to say that I don't know what causes it, but my own experience with multiple sessions changes between IE6 and IE7 or 8.

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                  Bhaskar Himatsingka Newbie



                  Working within multiple windows is an enhancement that we have in our feature backlog. Even though the suggestion David made tends to work for simple cases, you can get into problematic situations (errors) if you try to edit in both windows. Further, in certain instances when we store your preferences (what you have visited, your most recently used items, etc.) even when you are working in a read-only mode in one window you can at times encounter errors.


                  So, officially we do not support this currently. As David mentioned, in some limited instances it sort off works.




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                      Neil Campbell Expert

                      Hi, just found this thread and wondered if this had been resolved?  I'm still experiencing the same difficulties mentioned, particularly when trying to log in as a buyer and a supplier on different browser sessions.  I'm running IE8 and  ARIBA doesn't like it and overwrites one with the other.


                      Any update ARIBA?



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                          Tim Fabiniak Master

                          Like Bhaskar said, it's not officially supported, but you can make it work if you know the tricks. Here's a couple ways:


                          1) Just use two different browsers. One IE, one Firefox, for example.


                          2) Make sure to launch two different sessions of IE. That means click your icon to open up IE once. DO NOT use New Tab or New Window, rather click the icon to launch a new IE session.


                          I've been doing this for years without an issue. The trick is to avoid the New Tab or New Window options.

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                        Jenny Zuehlke Journeyman

                        Yes please!  Multiple sessions is a necessity with P2P.  End users get 'lost' (so do I) having to click all the tabs and hyperlinks, you forget where you started right?  Its particularity difficult for A/P when researching for accruals--very frustrating.


                        We can't even have both test and production open at the same time, or one overrides the other.