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    Buyer 8.2.2 and Sourcing 9r1

    Elizabeth Lettie Expert


      We are planning our upgrade (Buyer and Sourcing) to 9r1 for next year. The users have requested access to Sourcing 9r1 ASAP, as it will relieve many limitations that they have been facing with version 4. Is it advisable to upgrade sourcing before Buyer? Are there any clients that are currently running this configuration? We are wondering how this will impact the project plan - will it cause a significant increase in time and effort to go this route versus upgrading both Buyer and Sourcing at the same time.


      Thank you for any input/insight that you can provide!






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          David Heller Expert

          Hi Beth,


          We upgraded both at the same time and never seriously considered doing them separately. Having to run too separate platforms and codebases would have been too much.


          No matter what direction you go I would highly recommend training for the people that are using the Sourcing module. The capabilities and functionality changes in the Sourcing module are more significant than any other module.