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    Lack of activity

    David Heller Expert

      It's disappointing that there hasn't been more activity. There was some buzz after the Nashville User Group. A couple of thoughts on how to get things moving again.


      1. Ariba customer account managers have to be active. These are the people that are interacting directly with the customers. More so than the Ariba product managers. Are the account managers aware of Exchange and the capabilities?
      2. Promote upcoming events on Exchange. I don't remember seeing anything on the Spend Management Days. A Sourcing User Group was just announced for January. These event organizers need to be using Exchange as a key component of the event and not just an after thought.


      Any other ideas?

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          jlinn Apprentice

          I agree and think there are many users who may not see the value, b/c of how it has been used to date.

          It seems to me, that most conversations are high level strategies, best in class recommendations, and overall not directly related to any particular users daily activities.


          I've seen other software user forums that are high traffic and successful, b/c users can go in and submit very specific system issues or project related problems, and receive feedback from not only the Internal experts, but also an active network of expert users.


          This may take time to develop, as the Exchange is relatively new, but I still hope for that to be realized in the near future.


          A recommendation, for Ariba Customers; is to link the exchange directly into your users dashboards via your 'News' function. This can provide another easy way for your users to access the exchange.


          A recommendation, for Ariba; Maybe develop an RSS feed that clients can link to their news feeds?

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            Justin Fogarty Master

            Great points David and Jason. Increasing the use (and therefore value) of Exchange is a big goal, so I really appreciate the feedback and ideas.


            I totally agree that we need the people in customer facing roles to be actively driving people to Exchange. And including Exchange in the pre, during and post event activities is a priority as well. We're really looking to tie in with LIVE this year and messaging for the event will begin including Exchange later this month. I'll also work with the User Group folks to get that messaging and content on the site. David, any chance that as the host you would be up for doing a guest blog post(s) to discuss the event?


            And Jason, I'm very interested in your RSS idea. There are a ton of different feeds we can pull from Exchange based on subcommunity, tags, activity type, unanswered questions, etc. Love to have you place one in the company feeds if that would be helpful to you and your colleagues. What can I do to help you find the right feed and get it set up?


            Couple things to keep in mind in terms of traffic. We're still in that soft launch phase. Our email blast to the customer database is slated for the 2nd week of January. And our account managers were just introduced to Exchange a couple weeks ago at our annual Kickoff meeting. So I hope we're moving towards that tipping point of activity. But in the mean time, I'm ready willing and able to try anything that helps us increase the use AND usefulness of Exchange.


            One last idea....


            We've talked about a periodic call with some of the Advocates to discuss these types of issues. Would you two be able to do a short call - say 30 minutes - sometime this month?




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                David Heller Expert

                I wasn't aware of the upcoming email blast. That will help as well as the engagement with the account managers.


                I'd be to get a blog post up on Exchange. Together with Polly I think we can make this work. I'm also up for a phone call. I'm out from Dec 21 - Jan 1.