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    Email / Html approval functionality ?

    Vincent Bonneau Newbie

      Hi Folks,


      I was wondering if anybody out there is using this functionality in 8.2.x ?


      Something out-of-the-box is available in 8.2.2 & we are having a look into it ... I would be interested to get any feedback on implementation experience : such as benefits, drawbacks or any lessons learnt ...


      Thanks in advance.


      -- Vincent

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          Vincent Bonneau Newbie


          From the forum notifications, I think my post has been seen 17'122 times and never replied

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          Just to let you know, we implemented it in both 8.2 & 9r1, great success for approvers on both requisition and invoice. We had to run some usability testing to tweak the template to make it more user-oriented.

          @ Aribians folks, there is room for improvement in the default template...


          Here is an example attached.


          -- Vincent




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