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    Are you aware of and have you used the Sourcing Support Desk (SSD) service recently?

    Christoph Elben Newbie

      The Sourcing Support Desk (SSD) solution is a free service included with the On Demand Sourcing platform where Ariba's sourcing professionals provide general sourcing advice and best practices to buyers via web-form correspondence.  Ariba's Sourcing Support Desk Service personnel will provide: non-commodity specific advice regarding online bidding formats, lotting structure, bidding parameters, supplier communication and management, and other aspects of a project within 24 to 48 hours turnaround time (excluding weekends and holidays).

      The SSD service is a great option for experienced and new users of the Ariba software, as it allows for specialized support on the Ariba sourcing applications.  For project owners requesting a project review, the sourcing support desk will access the customer’s site, review project-specific parameters and documentation, and provide a written Project Review Report to the user.