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    Best practise in IT e-sourcing

    Jacob Larsen Journeyman

      Together with our IT buyers we are identifying relevant projects within IT & communication that can be handled as e-sourcing/e-auctions.


      If there is anyone who has good cases or best practises of e-sourcing within the IT & communication category I would be very interested in hearing about it?


      Appreciate any input on this.




      Jacob Gorm Larsen

      E-sourcing Program Manager

      A.P. Moller - Maersk

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          Matt Weinberg Novice

          We've used reverse auctions for:

          - Servers, desktops, laptops

          - co-termed bundled software maintenance renewals

          - Telecoms Expense Management Services

          - Mobile device per minute and per kb usage rates

          Have had some large successes with double-digit fee decreases, and have had some total dogs.  Depends largely on how aggressive suppliers are for the space being auctioned and how comfortable they are with the auction process.  The less comfortable they are, the more tentative they are to give aggressive pricing.

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            Sean O'Quin Journeyman
            Having led implementation of eProcurement and eSourcing strategies before I'd recommend reverse auctions as the way to go for non configurable IT & Communications hardware, off the shelf software and also managed services that have a clearly defined scope and statement of work upfront. I would also recommend leveraging the Ariba Supplier Network for vendor identification for eRFX and e-sourcing events.
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                Liz Majetic Apprentice
                I agree with Sean.   Leveraging the Ariba Supplier Network/ Ariba Discovery is a great way to help with supplier identification.   IT hardware/software is a leading category on Ariba Discovery.   Buyers that utilize Ariba Discovery in the sourcing process are saving on average 1.5% with each additional supplier they include in their event. 
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                Jacob Larsen Journeyman

                Thank you all for input on this - highly appreciated and definately something I can take on a discuss further.


                Have any of you tried e-auctions for Network services, data traffic etc.?