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    ERP Data improvements

    Ryan Sammel Apprentice

      I recently had a conversation with a customer who has been using Spend Visibility successfully for ~2 years.  The next phase of their project is to determine what can be done on the front end (ERP level) to ultimately improve classifications in the Analysis tool.  Acknowledging that these changes cannot take place overnight, this should be considered a natural progression in a mature Spend Visibility deployment.


      Some of the things that Ariba is working with them on is to look per source and determine the data population and content for the enrichment fields.  They will find areas that need improved and work with each site to make fields mandatory and to put more guidelines around manually entered content such as invoice descriptions.  In the long run, small improvements to the data coming in will add to the granularity of classifications on the back end of the solution.  Even outside of classifications, better non-enrichment content can increase the ability to report on data consistently across the corporation.  Having successfully used Spend Visibility to drive sourcing projects, the core team had more leverage at this point to show benefits to sites how better data at the ERP level.


      Happy holidays everyone.