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    Contract Summary Report / Cover Sheet???

    Sean Smith Newbie

      We are migrating from our old Procuri system to the new Contract Mgmt. system.  In Procuri you could essentially print out the "Deal Report" that would provide a nice summary as to who has approved what, when, where, etc.  Unfortunately, I can't say that we have completely done away with the "sneaker net" here so it's necessary to have a cover sheet of sorts that can be printed with the contract and gives the signer all the details they need without having to dig through the entire contract.


      So, my question is....

      Is there a way to create some sort of dynamic report or something that can pull some summary information (ie tasks, approvers, dates approved, contract description) on the fly?  We have done the training, but it was very light in the reporting area so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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          Tim Fabiniak Master

          Hey Sean,


          There are some tricks to doing this as a report - you would probably want to build a compound report. A compound report is a way of combining several different reports on the same screen using a common set of filters - in your case, the common filter would be the project name.


          You may be able to get away with an easier fix, though, depending on your requirements. Just about all of the data you're looking for - completion dates for tasks, which user approved what and when, etc - can be found on the history tab of the project. I've attached a screenshot below for quick reference.


          In my example, I'm using just 4 columns - timestamp, user, title (task name), and details. It's pretty straightforward to get the information you need. This information can also be dumped directly out to Excel by clicking on the Table Options icon (the icon at the top of the table that looks a lot like a little spreadsheet) and selecting Export to Excel. From there, you could delete any data you didn't need and print the sheet off.


          The reason I suggest using the history tab, rather than the reporting functionality, is that most of our reports are designed to look at information in aggregate. You can always run a report on just a single project, but if the history tab provides you with enough information, you'd be saving yourself some time by not having to create that report.

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              Mark Dean Newbie

              There is another way which is a little more complex and may require specific report based training; I would recommend exploring the previous response first.


              A report can be created to pull data from the contract workspace and other related data tables and export to Excel in a customised template. This can have additional formatting and layout design and defined in the Excel template you use to export. This is similar to the compound report requiring a common thread but also depends on where the data is located in the Contract workspace, dForms etc..  I know that customers migrating from Procuri Total Contracts maybe using a number of dForms to collect additional contract profile related data.


              I can provide additional details and explore this option if the standard history page or compound report doesn’t provide the level of detail required.

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              Justin Fogarty Master

              Appears this question is answered, but please keep it open if it's not.