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    PO Assignment

    Jerry VanScoter Expert

      I am looking for some creative solutions to assigning purchase orders to someone when the current owner is leaving the company or changing positions.  In the case of Purchase Orders that are set up for one year it makes no sense to have to go through and close them all and create new purchase orders every time a user leaves the company.


      What are other customers doing for reassignment?


      Why can't there be a reassignment function like there is in Contracts for upstream?  Just select all the Purchase Orders and reassign them to someone else.


      Our biggest problem seems to be annual PO's that need to be received throughout the year.  We have the requester set up to do the receiving since they are remote.  When the requester leaves the company it causes many problems.  We also have issues when the requester needs to make a PO change.  Being able to change the requester works for part of the issue but that causes problems where the receipts contain errors in the approval flow.


      Anybody else having this type of frustration?




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          Edward Clarke Novice

          When possible we create a change order to reassign the PO.  This only works for suppliers not a part of the ASN

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            Akshay Pole Journeyman

            Hi Jerry,

            We faced the same issue as you have mentioned in your post.

            To address this issue we have created an eForm in Buyer through which we can reassign the user's open documents to another user who belongs to the previous users company or who might have replaced him/her.

            In the said eForm we have assigned the PR's, PO's, Receipts etc by replacing the previous preparer to the new preparer and by replacing the old requester to the new requester (if required..).

            While doing this you have to keep few things in mind that as you might have been sending your PR, PO, Receipt, Invoice details to any ERP system, then you might have to repush the changed data after reassigning.

            Let me know in case you have any further queries.



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              Jerry VanScoter Expert

              Has anyone created a way to change the assignment of the order/requisition to another person in P2P? 

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                  Michele Williams Novice

                  We are constantly being asked about this same functionality. We used the "delegation" function to move all of a users responsibilities to another user. However, we ran into a snag when we realized that when a user is disabled, the delegation is automatically expired. Have you entered an enhancement request to get the functionality to reassign Orders and Receipts?  We would be very interested in any solution you are given and if you enter an enhancement request, please post the number here so we can follow it.

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                      Brian Levow Master

                      My company has the same concerns, especially as it relates to inactive users.  We run into this all the time when receiving or invoicing has to be done and the user is inactive.  We have to reactivate the user manually, which is a SOX control problem for one, but also alot of work.  Then deactivate the user again when the tasks in the system are completed.  We definitely have an ER filed for this.


                      1-BN0HA5Create Ability to Reassign RequisitionsWhen a user leaves the company but requisitions and orders associated with that user are still valid, the invoices that are created after the user is deactivated have validation errors. Also, if an order needs changed, a deactivated user has to be reactivated in the site.
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                          Michele Williams Novice

                          Thanks! My enhancement request is 1-BR5LVV

                          Summary: Need ability to reassign requisitions/orders/receipts when a user is deactivated
                          Business Problem: When a user leaves the company but requisitions, orders and receipts associated with that user are still valid, the invoices that are created after the user is deactivated have validation errors. Orders are not available for managers to edit. Receipts pending for that user are not visible to other users (managers).
                          Business Impact: We use the delegation function and assign all access to another user. However, when the user is deactivated, the delegation is also deactivated.
                          We must then activate the user (SOX issue), lock the account and re-enter the delegation. We must then edit the on behalf of, triggering change notices and unneccessary work for the suppliers plus additional approvals.
                          In addition, we may need to activate the user several times until all open receipts have been processed.
                          Proposed Solution: Possible solutions in preferential sequence:
                          1) Functionality to "reassign" requisitions, orders and receipts
                          2) Ability to leave delegations open until expiration regardless of the user status
                          3) Allow the "lock user" function to work with the user upload. We could then "lock" user until all open items flow through, then deactivate them.
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                          Jerry VanScoter Expert

                          I did find a solution to the problem with the delegation expiring when the user is deactivated.  Instead of deactivating the user I just lock them.  Then when their PO's are completed or when the delegation expires, I unlock them and deactivate them.  Maybe not the perfect solution but it's the only way to effectively control the process at this time.


                          I'm looking forward to Ariba having the same functionality in P2P they have in Contract Management where you can change the owner of a contract on a single contract or a mass edit across all of a users' contracts.  That would be the desired solution in P2P as well.  You should be able to change the owner on all of a user's PO's in one step.