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    Project Management in Sourcing?

    David Dai Apprentice



      First post here. Our company is just starting to use Ariba Sourcing, and has yet to utilize the project workflow piece of the tool. I would like to create a sample project with standard project management process, so that different comodity managers can use or reference. I'm just curious how everyone is utilizing this functionality, and what are some of the tasks and policies are typically included?





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          SundarK Expert

          Hi David:


          Welcome to Ariba Exchange. A number of Ariba Sourcing customers use Project/Category Management functionality that comes with Ariba Sourcing to manage their Strategic Sourcing process from Opportunity Identification to Contract creation to ensure process and policy compliance. There are a number of resources and case studies available in www.ariba.com under the Spend Management Learning center that can help.




          If you need a sample Sourcing process template, you can reach out to either support or our On-Demand deployment organization (if you have challenges obtaining this information, feel free to respond directly to me).


          I am sure there are other Ariba customers that are part of the exchange who can provide more additional input.


          - Sundar

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            Raul Davila Novice

            We have built our Sourcing Methodology into the Project Management 'tool'.  We took the 'seven phase' sourcing process and customized it to fit our organization.


            Some tasks and policies included in our projects are:


                 Initiate Team
                     Send Project Questionnaire to Internal Customer*
                     SCS Review Questionnaire
                     Review Sourcing Team Org Chart Structure*
                     Stakeholder Analysis*
                     Project Charter/SOW Overview*
                     Review SLA with Customer*
                     Obtain Customer & CM SLA Signature Approval*
                 Gather and Analyze Data
                     Total Cost of Ownership Framework*
                     Review Internal Category Spend*
                     Review Sourcing Decision Matrix*
                     Review External Market Analysis*
                     Review Benchmarking Analysis*
                 Present Value Opportunity
                     Present Sourcing Opportunity Summary*
                     Non-Disclosure Statement Signed*
            Commodity Strategy
                 Evaluate and ID Sourcing Strategies
                     Sourcing Toolkit
                     Review Scorecard Example*
                     Customer Requirements - Key findings (SOW)*
                     Identify Value Creation Methods: Update TCO*
                 Establish Supplier Selection Criteria
                     Develop Selection Criteria Questions*
                     Assign Weights for Selection Criteria Questions*
                     Finalize Scope of Work*
                     Create Sourcing Event in Ariba*
                 Develop Commodity Plan
                     Complete and Present to Customer Project Summary for Final Approval*
                     Obtain Final Approval from Associate Director*
            Sourcing Solution
                 Sourcing Event Development and Posting
                     Complete RFX Matrix*
                     HUB Review Scope of Work*
                     HUB Add Suppliers to Supplier Template*
                     Send Supplier Notification*
                     Post Sourcing event in Webbid*
                     Post Sourcing event in Texas Market Place (ESBD)*
                     Publish RFP in Ariba*
                     Prebid Meeting*
                     Email Prebid Meeting Thank You*
                     Questions and Answers*
                     Generate Event Deadline Reminder*
                 Post Event Activities
                     HUB Plans Review*
                     Customers Sign Conflict of Interest/Nepotism*
                     Review for Team Grading
                     Supplier presentations/negotiations/eRA/proof of concept testing*
                     If necessary, develop scorecard to evaluate short-listed suppliers
                     Promote/Disqualify Suppliers*
                     Meet with Customer to present final summary*
                 Select Supplier
                     Customer/Sourcing selects supplier*
                     OFAC Check*
                     Dristibute Regret Letter(s)*
                     Distribute Award Letter(s)*

            Some of those tasks have default documents/templates associated with them as well as an expected duration for each task.  We have been using a streamlined version of the above and it's worked great.  We're expanding it to include an entire sourcing process.


            Hope this helps.