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    Anybody Reconciling the OK 2 Pay File to Their ERP System?

    Jerry VanScoter Expert

      We are looking for a solution to our reconciliation questions.  Ariba hasn't come up with a quick answer.  We are using Procure to Pay On Demand.


      We want to be able to reconcile the invoices that are available for transmission to our ERP system for payment with the requisitions that are received in the ERP system.  We are using the Ariba Client Tool for transmission to the ERP system every six hours.


      It would have to be a solution that includes a report or something that can be run by users with report capability not just admins.  They are also looking at possibly running the report daily and by different users in different locations.


      Is anybody currently doing any reconciliation?  Has anybody been audited for SAS 70 compliance in this area?  If so, what was the result?