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    Supply Risk - What is your company doing?

    jreeves Master

      I have been doing some research with companies to hear how they have been tackling Supply Risk within their companies.  I am interested in hearing about what your company is doing.  At what points in the procurement process are you measuring risk?  Which suppliers are you rating? How many of them do you have? Do you have a formal process for vetting all new suppliers?  Do you have a separate team for handling this or is this done by category managers?  Which types of risk are you measuring suppliers on?  Do you have a process to continuously measure suppliers after you have awarded their business? How are you capturing information about private companies?  What are the major pain points you have in your process?  How do you think Ariba is best positioned to help your company?


      If you are interested in influencing Ariba's overall direction in this area, then go ahead and respond or feel free to shoot me an email and we can talk live.