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    Resources used to do Upgrade

    Diane Blanchard Newbie
      We are in the process of deciding to use our current support staff to do the upgrade ourselves or to use Ariba's upgrade services.  Can anyone share their opinion on either one of these approaches?
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          bensminger Journeyman

          We're a CD customer and have been implementing the 9r1 upgrade since Sept. 2009 with internal resources. We're migrating from 8.2.2 SP 32 to 9r1 SP 9. We encountered significant delays due to missing or incorrect Ariba documentation and non-functional migration tools (IVT).


          Ariba acknowledged these issues and modified their customer support framework with a specific group that was designed to address 9r1 upgrades at no additional cost. This proved to be helpful for us but a little too late.


          We first installed the OOTB software into a lab region with basic SAP PI web services integration. The bulk of our issues were experienced wiht the OOTB install but allowed us to carry forward the lessons learned into our first true migration development instance thus reducing the time to fully migrate.


          We have now decided to hire an Ariba Consulting Services resource to assist with very difficult customizations (Invoicing and ACP) that are not reacting well with the 9r1 API. Additionally, we will request assistance with our SAP PI implementation which is new to our company.


          I have been told that there is a 4 - 6 week delay with Ariba Consulting Services resources due to the high demand.

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            David Heller Expert



            A lot depends on the experience and abilities of your internal staff. I can echo some of what Ben said based on our experience at HP. The documentation isn't always crystal clear and it does help to have Ariba consulting assistance to work through difficult integration and customization needs. I would be very surprised if any company could ge through an upgrade with no outside help.



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              Jon Stevens Newbie
              If you are working to become best in class using Ariba Solutions. You are probably working to establish consistent and efficient processes, deliver measurable results, get better prices from your suppliers and reduce off-contract spend. With the solutions that Ariba has available for our customers we can work closely with you on the path to spend management excellence. Ariba’s consulting organization has the right spend management solutions for organizations of all sizes in all industries. Our experience and focus on Ariba products provides us unique insights into the needs and best practices of many of our global customers. We are the only consulting organization that has successfully helped many customers Upgrade to 9R1. We can provide very flexible access to our people to support your unique needs. If you would like to set up a face-to-face meeting with you and your colleagues to learn more please let us know.