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    Who Would You Refer?

    tminahan Master

      Part of the value of a peer community like Ariba Exchange is to get advice and recommendations from colleagues you trust. Considering that this is official Make a Referral Week (#marm) -- no, I'm not making that up -- I'd thought it would be good if we each took the time to make some referrals.


      If you know of a supplier that is just an outstanding performer, let others know. If you're a seller who has just had a phenomenal customer experience, let folks know that too. And if you've had great business interactions with multiple partners, refer them all.


      I figured I'd get the ball rolling with one supplier that we at Ariba use quite frequently, Telepress. They handle all our business card and stationery printing needs. A seemingly simple and mundane task; but one that's critically important to maintaining the Ariba brand identity. In many cases our business cards or business stationery are the first impression we make on a company. Telepress not only provides great product quality and timely delivery, but has made the online ordering experience quick and easy.


      You can find Telepress on Ariba Discovery.


      I encourage you to make a referral for a supplier, customer, or partner you would recommend to your peers.