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    Cell Phone RFP

    David Dai Apprentice



      Our corporate cell phone agreement with AT&T is expiring, and we're considering to put together a RFP for the next agreement. Has anyone done something similar recently and can share some experience, success factors, gotchas, etc?



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          Justin Fogarty Master

          Great topic David. I'm sure cell phones are a large and growing category for many companies.


          FYI, I've moved this thread to the Supply Watch community, which we've set up to address category/commodity discussions.

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            Loriann Andersen Newbie
            The wireless telephone market continues to be a buyer's market.  As potential subscribers reduce in number, providers are offering target premium services to retain, as well as attract, subscribers and reduce churn.  Data traffic has surpassed voice traffic for the first time in 2009.  As a corporation, you will want to be sure to continue to keep voice and data services bundled.   As more employees use their phones in lieu of computers, it will be important to allow for future increases in data usage.  However, be sure to review current volumes in order to define the appropriate service levels and ensure that all providers bid on like services.  Don't forget about the hardware costs.  You will want to negotiate a hardware purchase discount -- or even base models of handsets at no charge.  Be sure that your telecom policy covers hardware in order to eliminate "phone envy"... an iPhone may not be the most realistic -- nor cost effective -- handset for your employees.