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    Media Buy Template

    Elin Mok Newbie

      Hi group,

      I am not sure if this is the right platform but thought I would give it a try.


      We are looking to source Media Buy but are unsure of the critical components to a proper RFP.  If you have a template that you could share with me, I would greatly appreciate it.  Or, if you would like to simply share your approach and past experience, I would appreciate it too.


      Thank you.

      Elin Mok

      TopSource, LLC

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          Justin Fogarty Master

          Great topic Elin.


          I'm moving the thread to the Supply Watch section of Exchange, where most category/commodity discussions take place. That area of Exchange is also where our Category Management team participates.

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            Rachel Rutkoski Novice

            We would be happy to supply media templates to Ariba customers, but we can provide the following thoughts around Media market conditions.  The time to source media is now. Media buying starts in April/May. Last year the upfront buys for NBC and Fox were about 1/2 done by mid July so folks are buying less media and buying it slower. In previous years all space would be gone by June but last year buyers were waiting to see what the market would do. One driving factor for stalling was that for the first time scatter buys aka spot buyers were cheaper than upfront buys. Analysts aren't sure what the market will do this year. We will quickly know in the spring what will happen to upfront and scatter buy pricing. I hope this helps.