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    Elimination of Toggle Currency Feature in 9r1

    Richard Pinkes Newbie

      Bank of America is currently transitioning to 9r1 for Buyer, Contracts, and Invoicing modules (Downstream as we call it) and have found that a key feature of 8.2.2. (the toggle currency option) has been eliminated in 9r1. While we understand that from Ariba's point of view the need for this feature, which was solely based on the Euro conversion, has gone away we have made use of this functionality for other purposes in our process. These all revolve around the ability to convert the Foreign Currency of any approvable in Ariba to US Currency. This allows us to resolve approval flow issues and to trouble shoot tickets raised by associates on their approvable (req./order/contract/invoice, etc.). All of our current financial approval rules are based on US $ yet our requisitions are denominated in the currency of the requisitioner's country. In addition, since we use out of the box ACC which only adds Master Agreement Manager as an approver, we have to manually add all our other required approvers. Since the contracts created are also in the foreign currency of the country that the contract is created for we have used the feature to toggle to US $ and then manually add approvers based on our Corporate Financial approval rules. We are dependent on this feature and are getting little assistance from Ariba in getting the functionality restored.


      Has anyone else had a dependency on the toggle currency feature where the removal of it in 9r1 has presented issues and forced you into manual processes or some other work around? Please describe the issues you faced due to the removal of this feature in 9r1 and how you worked around the issue.

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          Jason Dombrowski Expert
          We utilize the toggle currency as well fairly heavily as a T&E customer (and in small doses from a PO perspective). The travel charges we load from our bank travel card provider are in US dollars, but the user may have a hotel receipt in a foriegn currency. The toggle currency functionality helps them to itemize the charge properly as well as with any out of pocket based expenses in a foriegn currency, where they paid in pesos for example, but need to be reimbursed in USD. Although we've never liked the fact that it isn't clear to the  user which way it was "toggled", it was certainly needed. I read that they've gotten rid of it, but I haven't seen a demo of what a foriegn charge would look like to someone with a different default currency to fully understand the impact.
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              Gabe Perez Novice

              The way the toggle currency works in 9r1:

                • The PR will always show Total cost in user preferred currency.
                • Once it becomes ordered, DO total ordered will always be in catalog currency. If there are multiple line items with different currencies, then the order currency will be the first line item currency.
                • The Approver will always see the Preparer’s currency.
                • When the notification mail is sent to the approver, the currency is displayed in preparer’s preferred format.
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