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    Use of POs or small dollar agreements

    Jane Kaufman Newbie

      Hi, we are struggling with using a PO or a simple agreement for the purchase of goods and services under $10,000. Our company has significant legal, compliance and insurance requirements which do not lend themselves to, for example, hiring an electrician or plumber, getting some small amount of goods, or a one time small scale consulting arrangement. I am interested in learning how others handle these types of arrangements.

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          Russ Stebbins Master

          I am confused as to why a small dollar PO would be an issue but there are several alternatives.


          PCards - these are really handy for small purchases, you lose some control but you gain a bunch of flexibility.

          PO against contract - satisfy your legal requirements in a Master Services Agreement or services contract and then PO release against that contract.

          blanket PO.  establish a PO to be invoice against.  Again you have an agreement in place but the BPO gives you the flexibility of not having to create a separate PO for each action.  Great for Facilities.