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    The linkage and balance between process and culture

    Dustin Mattison Journeyman
      In a discussion with Logipi's Dustin Mattison on the topic of business  process as a competitive advantage, multinational strategy consultant  Maureen Kelsey explains why she believes advancing innovation vision  aligned with business strategy requires the integration of culture,  business requirements, management, processes, application, systems,  technology, services, relationships, and competencies.

      * Fostering a culture of learning is essential to effectively developing  and using knowledge to make change for the better.
      * Discover ten steps to building a culture of learning, and how to be an  effective leader in such an environment.
      * Delve into what Maureen Kelsey called "the linkage and balance between  process and culture."

      See full interview here: http://logipi.com/public/item/254005