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    Supplier Dis-Ablement?

    smelanson Apprentice

      Hi.  I am Scott Melanson from Pall Corp.  I am looking for information on Supplier Dis-Ablement.

      Does anyone have a best practice on removing a supplier from P2P On Demand?  Even the best supplier enablement stategies

      may require a sever in business relationship/partnerships.

      Thank you.


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          Russ Stebbins Master

          We have to disable vendors all the time because of rationalization and master data clean up.


          1. Identify the need
          2. Identify open transactions
          3. Identify open contracts
          4. If relinking to alternative vendor, copy Contract and PO
          5. Close contracts and PO after all Invoices are reconciled.
          6. Remove relationship from ASN
          7. Deactivate vendor from source system
          8. Run either Full supplier load with vendor removed or run delete on Vendor.
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              smelanson Apprentice

              Thanks.  Item 5. will be our toughest challenge.  We have 13 manufacturing sites using this system across the Western Hemisphere.

              Getting them to stop using the supplier long enough to clear invoices, receipts, etc, will be a challenge.


              Any ideas on that? I am testing weather or not I can "de-activate" for purchasing but leave open for AP. We use a "dual" Purchasing Unit system to allow

              accounting to add pay to suppliers without adding in the UI for users to select that vendor.


              Thanks again.


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                  Russ Stebbins Master

                  Add a supplier approval rule for the target suppliers and then deny the PO.


                  That doesn't stop invoices for open PO but it does prevent any new or change orders going through to extend the vendor's life.


                  We have also inactivated a vendor (which prevents ANY actions) and then temporarily reactivated them to pay the invoice.  That way we don't have to keep a vendor open for months 'in case'.  Although we have some vendors that have problems delivering invoices in a timely manner.