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    In your company, how do you handle Spend Vis user access?

    Gavin Pratt Journeyman

      I would like to hear how other customers may be distributing access to the Spend Visibility tool.  Our current spend analytics tool is a distributed model, and access/training was granted fairly freely to colleagues in "proper roles".  This of course eases a burden on the sourcing/procurement department, but creates concerns with infrequent users making incorrect assumptions off of the data.  At Ariba Live we spoke with some customers who pull it in even further - only allowing a few sourcing/procurement analysts to access the tool and serve/push out reports to their category managers.


      Therefore - can you explain how you grant access in your current Spend Vis implementation?

      1. What roles have access?
      2. Is it working?
      3. Challenges?
      4. Bottle-necks? 
      5. Do you have a team of sourcing analysts pushing reports? Or do you have category managers pulling their own reports?
      6. How many internal Spend Vis experts are in your group?


      When (or if!) you answer would you please provide a reference as to the size of your sourcing team / dept model.  THANKS.

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          Kyle Hall Novice

          We experienced some very similar issues when we rolled out Spend Visibility in our organization. We have a team of users in our "Information Management" team that manage and report on all data within Spend Visibility. We have trained our category managers on how to run generic/standard reports, and that seems to be working quite well, however when it comes to more complex/detailed reports, we leverage our information management analyst to generate reports for both category managers as well as other users across the organization.


          One project we have on the go right now is to create a custom dashboard with spend reports for key users (finance, CFO's across the different areas). The goal of this project is to have 5-10 custom reports made available to these users with all fields and filters pre-defined. Our Ariba project manager has also enabled some site level filters that will prevent these users from accessing data we do not want to share. I.E. If there was a specific category or department in your company that you didnt want users to see, they can setup a custom rule behind the scenes to prevent access to information you do not want shared.

          We have approximately 8 Spend Vis "power users" and approximately 60 users with access to Spend Vis from our Sourcing department that have a basic understanding of the data and can run standard reports on their own.


          Hope this helps you out.



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              Gavin Pratt Journeyman



              Just checking back in now - had read your response before, but by now had forgotten I had posted this question.  When I quickly read the title I had a reaction of "wow - interesting question, would really like to read this string" - then I quickly determined I asked the question.    That was helpful - thank you for taking the time to respond.


              Anyone else out there?  Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?


              Would really like to see more action on this site and this thread!