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    Virtual Server: Ariba 9r1

    jaideep mulchandani Novice
      I’m interested in knowing details about having Ariba 9r1 on a virtual machine.

      Has anyone considered or currently using Ariba 9r1 (PROD or non PROD instance) in a Virtual environment.

      I would be interested in knowing the configuration details, on which OS, VM versions, level of effort for configuration of Ariba, Hardware or software limitations? Also, do you see a performance improvement, better utilization of resources and stability?
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          ttobey Apprentice

          Hello Jaideep,  I probably can't give you the info you're looking for, but I did have a copy of our PROD instance running on a Windows 2003 VM machine for a while to use to learn the upgrade to 9r. This had WebLogic and the db was on a separate Oracle RAC server. It was slow even after the VM team upgraded the memory and put it to multiple cpu's. It sped up once I followed the Ariba's Performance Tuning Guide - to make sure each node starts up with java parameters suited to the environment. You want to maximize this as much as possible without exceeding your hardware. I don't think I would do a virtual environment for a production instance though.

          Best wishes!

          -Tom Tobey