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    Negotiation Process Question Transferred from another group

    Sarah Gilsdorf Apprentice

      I would be curious to hear about others' experiences with the contracts negotiation task.  Our staff mention they're not comfortable with the lack of visibility (i.e. - it's not as easy as Outllook or Procuri to see messages and attachments as they're issued or after the fact) and have inadvertently sent the wrong versions of contracts to suppliers.  Perhaps it's a learning curve issue or perhaps the system needs further enhancement.  Opinions?  Suggestions?





      Mark Filer

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          Sharon Horton, PMP Master

          Sarah and Mark,  although you asked for information from others, I'd like to add some comments.  I've also attached a Tasks "How To" that summarizes four of the task types.


          No doubt the negotiation task is the most complex task, but if you follow the task process, the correct actions should take place at every step.  The most current document version in the system is always sent with the next round of negotiation.  The negotiator should not have to think about this.  My suggestion is that if wrong versions of documents are being sent, make sure that:  1) the user is using DFS, and 2) the correct version of the document has been updated in the system (should be an automatic prompt when DFS is active).  DFS supports automatic prompting for changes to all document types, not just assembled documents.  Otherwise, the user will need to remember to upload the document into the system creating a new version.


          Although you are correct, Ariba does not create a formal email trail in the same manner as Outlook, the Task History tab will record all of the rounds for a task, including the messages sent back and forth by each reviewer.  This is most easily viewed in the tree view, but you can also view the email trail in chronological order.