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    Running Events in Japanese

    Lauren Denton Journeyman

      We are looking to start using the language features on ARIBA and would like to start running JApanese RFP's/RA's.


      Im looking for some good examples where this works? and what challenges others have faced when performing terms like this.


      Thanks for feedback.

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          jreeves Master

          Hi Lauren - I am assuming you are meaning that you will have Japanese suppliers who will login to view the user interface using Japanese translations.  I explicitly mention because there is a Japanese Auction type which is a different style of bidding that requires the supplier to bid at each round to avoid being eliminated.


          Assuming you are talking about translations and not bidding format, will you be providing multiple translations for your content such as questions and line items as well?

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            Karen Sellick Journeyman

            Hi Lauren,

            I have been working with a Japanese colleague based in Osaka and we successfully ran our first Japanese eAuction in July. I will be discussing this in more detail with him on 6.8.10 so I can contact you again to discuss the challenges they faced.