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    Enhancement Request: Invoicing

    ttobey Apprentice

      I just submitted an Enhancement Request for 9r to separate the Create permissions for the four types of Invoices: PO-based, Non-PO based, Contract Invoice, and Credit Memo.


      All of the above inherit from the same Invoice class, and the Approvable type table stores just one Permission to create all four. An Enhancement Request gets more attention when there are more customers who need it. So are there any more customers out there who would like to be able to show/hide the ability to create the different types of Invoices? For our company we would like to open up the ability to create Non-PO Invoices to everyone, but reserve the other three for our Invoice team. We're upgrading to 9r in October and Enhancements usually take about 10 months to get into a release, so we're putting "non-supported code" in for now to get by.


      Below is the text of my Enhancement request:


      Ariba Enhancement Request

      Split the permissions for the creation of the four different invoice types.

      1. Summary
        1. Please enhance Ariba to allow for better permission control behind the creation of the four different invoice types.
      2. Business Problem
        1. LFG has business processes where invoices are not processed by a centralized invoice team. End users are often responsible for entering invoice information, especially on invoices not based on a purchase order. The Ariba system currently only allows for one permission behind granting the ability to create all four invoice types (PO-based Invoice, Non-PO Invoice, Contract-based Invoice, and Credit Memo). LFG is moving to 9r this fall and the plan is to no longer use the 8.2 sample Invoice Eform. LFG does not want end users in PO-based, Contract-based, and Credit Memo invoice types.
      3. Business Impact
        1. This current situation will force LFG, when moving to 9r, either to change business processes for invoice entry, or to make all invoice types available to all users and implement cumbersome conditions inside of the invoice types where certain users should not be in the first place, causing inevitable confusion. Neither choice is acceptable for LFG.
      4. Proposed Solution
        1. Allow for an override of the create Permission field associated with the Invoice Approvable Type. At minimum a separate permission should be able to be associated with each of the four Invoice types. Because LFG really wants all LFG users to be able to generate a Non-PO Invoice, ideally either a blank or a “AllExceptExternal” permission (or something similar) would open up the menu choice for Non-PO Invoice for all LFG internal users.