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    Ariba SPM scorecard, how's it work?

    Patrick McGrath Apprentice

      I have a specific question on the grading that my scorecard is coming up with. Attached document are screen shots and the issue i'm facing, where I don't know where the 'grade' is actually coming from in the scorecard. The input by the user during the survey, gave much higher scores.


      (ok i don't know how to attach my screen shots. i was pointed here to post my problem here, instead of connect.ariba.com discussion thread)

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          jreeves Master
          Thanks Patrick - You should have seen a "Browse" button at the bottom of the text area to attach your screen shots.  If you aren't seeing that, then send me an email at jreeves@ariba.com and I will post your screenshots.
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            jreeves Master

            See attached screenshots - This will apply to any type of scoring that you do with the Ariba systems.  You have defined your ideal value to be 90% and your range to be from 0% to 100%.  We apply a linear model to the scoring system as you have defined it.  (NOTE: check out the scoring chapter of the sourcing documentation for more details on this).  So basically a value of 90% = 100% score/grade.  A value of 91% = 90% score/grade, 92%=80% score/grade, 93%=70% score/grade.... 100% = 0% score/grade.  I didn't do the math, but we would linearly scale down from 89% to 0% in a similiar fashion.


            If you want all the scores above 90% to be 100% in the scorecard, then simply change your "To" to be 90% from 100%.  This will insure that everything which is above 90% will give you a score of 100%