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    OJEU Process

    David Bricknell Novice

      All European public sector organisations and utilities (including transport providers such as airports) have to publish solicitation notices and manage the expressions of interest before progressing to the tender stage. Ariba 10s1 does not provide this functionality (competitors such as Bravo, Oracle and BIP solutions do). How are other users of 10s1 getting around this?

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          David Morel Master



          We have looked at supporting the OJEU Process in the past both at Procuri and Ariba.  At the time the requirements were a pretty far stretch from where we were with the solutions.  And the desire from the customer base was not significant enough compared to other initiatives.


          But, with the efforts we have made in terms of Public Postings via Ariba Discovery, we are heading down a path that might make it easier to support this.  We are going to look into the efforts to support the process through the use of Discovery and possibly webservices.  I will pull a meeting together next month to see what is required and what it would take to get there.  I would love if you could be apart of such a meeting.


          Anyone else interested in us supporting the OJEU process?



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            Florian Boehme Expert



            are the current Blind Sealed Bid functionalities enough for our requirements? (I mean including Germany).


            I have just checked - if you

            Select RFP and under (1) Rules, section "Market Feedback" set
            Can owner see responses before event closes: No


            you will get

            On the "Content" Tab of the event you won't see any bid.
            On the "Suppliers" Tab of the event you will still see, who was invited but only Status "Intends to Participate" even though suppliers have submitted bids.
            On the "Content" Tab of the event you won't see any "submitted bid" in the Audit Log Entries.


            Also until the event closes, the tabs for "Scenario" and "Report" are not available.


            Have you tried trying a bit more within

            • Team Members
            • Team Access Control on Line Item level

            or adjusting templates?


            I would suppose it must be critical, that no-one is able to access the tender - including Ariba Sourcing Support.


            Looking forward for some comments touching on this and potentially also "eSignature" issues.


            BR, Florian

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              Jonathan Rosen Journeyman

              David B.,


              I'm also working on learning about OJEU requirements, and I would be interested to understand if you would want to:

              a) create a sourcing project and then have it appear, or a link to it, appear on OJEU? Sort of like two simultaneous events, at different venues?

              b) create something 'lighter' than a sourcing project, that is really for the purpose of placing on OJEU, but have this integrated with your Ariba solutions. And then, perhaps in the case of B, be able to import suppliers back to sourcing and add to a specific project?

              c) have some sort of collaborative workspace to interact with suppliers that express interest, before inviting them to a sourcing event?


              Any of these? A combination? Something different or additional?





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                  David Bricknell Novice



                  We currently have a combination of your three options so we would look to :


                  Create a Sourcing Event with an option to send a notice to OJEU  - there are different types of Notices.

                  Allow ANY those suppliers to see the notice and then express interest to the Notice if they want.

                  Be able to import / some or all of the suppliers that expressed interest to the RFP/RFI

                  There must be a facility for the suppliers to send messages

                  All integrated into Ariba is what we are looking for.


                  Suggest you look at how to become an OJS eSender on http://simap.europa.eu/index_en.htm


                  Can we organise a web demo so I can show what we have done ourselves ?


                  In the meantime you may want to "play" at being a supplier and respond to one of the notices on www.airportsmart.com > View Contract Notices



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                      Jonathan Rosen Journeyman

                      That sounds fantastic! I'll contact you to setup a meeting once I figure how to get you contact info out of this system or elsewhere.


                      As to becoming an OJS Sender: I would like to see this happen. I have gathered and documented the requirements for this. I believe we will get there.