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    Trouble with Main Agreement Bookmarks?

    Millicent Van Wie Novice

      We have recently implemented contract management and have a main agreement and are using the clause library.  We have done only a handlful of new workspaces using our main agreement - and have had issues with each one.  We are having trouble maintaining the integrity of the bookmarks within the main agreement when our different reviewers are opening the agreement within the system and adding to the exisiting clauses or making red-line changes to them.  The document gets out of sync, bookmarks are missing, etc.  We also have issues with DFS from time to time.  Has anyone else run into this and if so how did you solve it?  Do all of your users have to be well versed in bookmarking in order to make changes to the main agreement without issue? Or have you avoided these issues altogether by not using the clause library and draft your agreements outside of the system and just upload/replace versions as they are changed during the review or negotiations processes?


      We are using CM in a hosted environment.  All users have MS word and excel loaded locally on their machines - we had to do that for this implementation - we normally run in a Citrix environment whereby these applications are accessed through Citrix.


      Much thanks for any insight you can provide.  Millicent Van Wie, Sr Manager, Supplier Rsources AutoNation, Inc

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          jdvorchak Apprentice

          Hello Millicent,


          I reviewed the information you posted in this thread. I believe the questions you posed would be something that can be best answered by our Technical Support team here at Ariba. I noticed that you were a Designated Support Contact for your account with us and I would like to recommend that you log a Service Request via our Connect site outlining the issues you mentioned below. Support will be able to review the issue and assist you in determining a resolution moving forward. Please let me know if you have any questions concerning the SR logging process.



          Josh Dvorchak

          Team Captain, Ariba Technical Resolution Team

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            Sarah Gilsdorf Apprentice


            How did you fare with your bookmarking and dfs issues?  We initially had quite a few problems with DFS and found that our users had to change their browser settings.  Has settled down since most are not too active in the test site.  However, those that are, now understand that they have to reset DFS when moving from test to production.


            I make the joke that "bookmark" is 2 four-letter words put together.  But am interested in your clause library experience.

            Sarah Gilsdor, Hess Corp, Houston

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                Millicent Van Wie Novice

                I waited to reply to your message - as we have had Ariba working with us the past two weeks in an attempt to get past the issues we have been having.  Alas, we have decided to disconnect our main agreement from the clause library, instead opting to place our different contract templates/boilerplates as regular word documents on our process template for our contract owners to use.


                We just found the document outline view and the contract library connected to our main agreement(s) to be a bit cumbersome and prone to creating unintended errors - especially when merging a supplier's red-lined document with ours.  Our users were not ready to accept the amount of work moving clauses and promoting to sections and corrections.


                So we will walk before we run.

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                Christine McLean Novice

                Hi Millicent,


                We recently implemented a Main Agreement Contract for one of our services. We've also been using the Clause Library and Knowledge Projects for this particular Main Agreement Contract. We found bookmarks and DFS functionality challenging. However, we were able to identify and use the following Contact Authoring leading practices:


                Generating PDF All documents within the Assembled PDF folder should be published prior to generating the PDF documents.  The "Published' status  acts as a visual indicator that the documents are in their "final" state and ready for assembly.   When the Assembled PDF folder is generated, the status will be generating. Once the PDF is generated, the status will change to draft. The Assembled PDF folder should be published after the PDF has been generated.  This is a visual indicator that the generated PDF is in a final state.
                Adding/Deleting ClausesAdding and deleting clauses should be done from the document Outline View to minimize the risk of accidently messing up the document bookmarks.
                Adding ClausesAlways create the Section first in the Outline View before adding the clause.  Click the Section title and select Add Clause.  Clause will automatically be added to the section.  Then drag and drop the section in the proper location.
                Substituting and Editing ClausesTo avoid DFS errors, users should always sync their document after making edits and before  substituting clauses in the Outline View.  Conversely, clauses should not be substituted if there are document edits that have not been synced.
                DFS PreferencesUsers must set their DFS Preferences Desktop Directory to their local C:/ drive (and not the shared H:/ drive) in order for the Outline View to update properly when making edits to the document.
                Generating Clean Version of DocumentTo generate a clean version of a document, users should accept and reject redline changes made to a document from within MS Word.   The "Generate Clean Version" is used to remove redlines and comments to save a copy of the document externally for an external reviewer.
                Reverting Document Back to a Previously Saved Version Save and sync often when editing clauses.  If you mess up the document you, stop editing and do not sync.  Close the Word document and view document details and discard changes to revert document back to the last synced version.


                Use Replace Document to replace current version with a previous version of the document.  Click document title and select View Details.  Click Version History tab.  Open previous version and save as to desktop.  Click document title in Synergy and select Replace Document. Choose document you saved to desktop.  Note, all clauses type will change to Ad Hoc.  Users should note why.
                Syncing DocumentsDocument is synced automatically (and saved as the Current Version) whenever the document is assembled (for example when a clause is added or substituted the status of the document changes to Not Generated.  Document must be generated by user.)  Document must be synced by the user whenever edits are made to the document (for example using update now and saving as new version or same version).
                Conditional ClausesChange the answer to template questions to add/remove conditional clauses from a document.
                Clause Type FilterUse the Clause Type filter at the top of the Outline View page to make viewing particular types of clauses easier (can reduce the need to scroll).
                Expand Outline View WindowUse the "Minimize/Maximize Table" (grey double arrow down) icon to maximize the Outline View window and make viewing clauses in Outline View easier.  Default view is minimized.
                MS Word Compatibility ModeAlways save assembled document in MS word compatibility mode to avoid issues with assembling document.  Do not save in docx format.
                Reviewers/ApproversOnly allow Reviewers and Approvers to edit assembled documents when those users have a sufficient knowledge of how MS Word bookmarks are used in Synergy.  Edit permissions can be controlled by Team tab and Task Property settings on create.  Approvers and Reviewers who lack this knowledge should add their revised document as an attachment to the completed task.  The document owner should manually apply changes to the assembled document following best practices for editing.
                Reviewing Assemble Document (prior to publishing)As part of the final document review process and before publishing the document, the document owner should do the following:
                - Update the Title Page
                - Update the Table of Contents fields (right click on the Table of Contents and update fields and page numbers)
                - Update document Header with Contract Number
                - Ensure formatting is consistent
                - Ensure clause Sections and clause content paragraphs are not separated


                Hope this helps!


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                    sourcingprouser Journeyman

                    Hi Christine,

                    I'd really be interested to talk with you.  We are trying to implement contract module and finally gave up using bookmarks and main agreement functionality with clauses in Ariba.  From your response you may have cracked a number of issues we experienced.  I'd be interested to know how your company's use of Contracts Module has progressed since your earlier response and also maybe glean some tips from you on how we might get the module to work at my company. 


                    I'm based in the UK - 5 hours ahead of US east coast time.  Would there be a good day/time to contact you directly by phone later this week or next week?


                    Jessica Dunlop