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    Tracking Savings

    jlitvak Apprentice
      I am interested to find out how Sourcing organizations track implemented savings.  Excel, home-grown systems, packeged solutions?  What is the best practice for doing this?
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          Craig Daugherty Apprentice

          Hi, I know you did not mention having Buyer, so this may not help you, but we have implemented a solution in Buyer.  We put a User chooser on the line item edit screen, along with a Money field.  These fields are only visible to people in Purchasing.  Assuming they are the Buyer that worked on this Requisition and found a lower price, they can then choose themselves in the User chooser and enter a dollar amount for savings.  We then have a few very simple reports to show savings by supplier, commodity code and buyer which come in very handy around fiscal year end.

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            Sybil Sheppard Master

            We use Ariba's Sourcing module to track savings.  We mostly use the out of the box functionality, but added a few fields to better suit our needs.  Through the RFP process the system helps us identify possible savings, and once the supplier(s) have been awarded, it helps us to identify actual savings.  Prior to the system, we used an excel spreadsheet.  Both work well, however, having the data in the tool allows for increased visibility for all projects/contracts, and allows for reporting, dashboards, etc.

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              hspanuth Journeyman

              We have tried to use Ariba's Sourcing module, but have discovered that it does not completely fulfill our needs. Especially breaking down savings to monthly levels does not seem to be possible.

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                maria_velasquez Newbie

                After several years of utilizing a home-grown application, we just successfully migrated to the Ariba Savings Tracking functionality.  Our organization is utilizing the Sourcing Module to enter and track Savings Projects using the Ariba dforms (Savings Form).  As part of this implementation, we also migrated a year's worth of savings project data into the savings tracking functionality.   Ariba worked with us to configure/customize the form to our fairly complex requirements and we were able to match functionality for functionality at nearly 100%.  The users are able to track their projects over their duration (including the month by month allocation) and we are able to enter estimated and actual savings in foreign currency, as we have global users/projects and convert each line item into US Dollars.


                This implementation provides a great benefit for our organziation, as we currently utilize all other modules of Ariba (Sourcing, SPM, Contract Mgt, Analysis and Buyer).  It provides a platform for an integrated view of the end-to-end Sourcing->Contracts->Savings Recognition/Reporting in one location.  Users now have one application to go to for their strategic procurement needs, with the same look & feel across the application.  Users are able to utilize the dashboard functionality to track their Sourcing/Savings goals. Our homegrown application did not provide for document/version control; Ariba provides this across all of their modules. 


                We also consider it a benefit as our IT support group is required to support one application, versus multiple, redundant systems.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Good luck!