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    cXML documentation / sample messages?

    New2Ariba Novice


      Hopefully this is the correct place to ask these questions.


      I am a supplier and we are working on integrating with Ariba via cXML.  So far I haven't found a whole lot of supporting documentation, at this time I've only come across the following two documents - cXMLSolutionsGuide.pdf and cXMLUsersGuide.pdf.  Maybe I'm missing something but I was hoping that there would be more information out there, possibly some samples that we can work from?


      Any input would be appreciate!



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          Matthew Cromar Journeyman

          The cXML Solutions Guide is the best place to start for learning about cXML and the transactions it supports.  In the section for each document type, there are Examples of properly formatted cXML documents.  For instance, if you look at the index it indicates that on page 87 there is an example document for a PunchOutOrderMessage.


          Each Document type is listed in the index.  I find it helpful to print at least the index and then use that as a guide to go through the entire document.  It can be daunting to read it straight through on your computer screen.


          If you are investigating how to get your supply website punchout enabled, I suggest you focus on the basic transactions included in chapters 1-6.  That will get you ready to work with customers who might want to use your site to find the products and services that you provide.


          In the cXML User Guide you will find very detailed information on cXML.  It has a lot of good diagrams on how the protocol works and the back and forth between the buying application and the supplier website.


          These guides are both pretty technical and are aimed at the folks who will be doing the coding to get your website punchout ready.


          Can you fill us in on what your goals are at this point?  I'm sure there are a few suppliers out there that might be able to add some comments on how you can get started.





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              New2Ariba Novice

              Thanks Matt for the detailed response, all of this information is a bit daunting but hopefully I can get through it.


              I hope this is the right forum for these questions but....


              Essentially, we're needing the ability to receieve PurchaseOrders (cXML) from Ariba and translate them into something PeopleSoft can understand (XML).  Once the message(s) have been consumed we'll send back SalesOrderAcks, ASN's and Invoices to Ariba.  The largest hurdle technically, from my understanding, is the transformatoin from PS XML to a cXML document that Ariba will accept.


              Ugh!  Anyways, I think I have a lot of reading to do but any tips or pushes in the right direction would be appreciated !



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                  Matthew Cromar Journeyman

                  Ahaa...the transformations.  That should be relatively easy.  What translation toolset are you using?  How are you planning to translate the documents from cXML to PeopleSoft XML?  Basically what you've got to do is a data mapping exercise.


                  I'm sure there are some suppliers who have done this before?  Anyone care to chime in?



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                Andreas Schroth Novice

                You can find generic samples on cxml.org.


                Alternatively you can go ahead and register + link your account with your buyer and have some test POs sent across.

                The challenge is anyway that there is as many dialects of cXML there is users but I guess that's true for any XML variant.