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    Sourcing Request Template

    Katrice Shaw-Charles Apprentice
      Hello!  My company recently purchased Sourcing Professional and we expect to go live within a week or so (YIPPEE).  For the past couple of months, we in the Purchasing & Procurement have been creating templates, testing scripts, publishing test events, and participating in those events as suppliers.  One thing that we're missing is a Sourcing Request Template so business owners such as the Engineering department can use to provide us with information about the products and/or services they want us to source.  Does anyone have a template for this type of document?  If so, please forward it to me.  Thanks very much!
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          David Morel Master

          Glad you are excited about your deployment Katrice!


          I wanted to clarify a little of what you are seeking.  Are you wanting a way in the Ariba where a user can "request" a new sourcing project be initiated?


          Or are you looking for just a sample document, Word or Excel, that other customers might be using to send their request via email?

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            Jordan Sarris Novice

            I don't think Ariba has a built-in sourcing request like they have for contracts.  My company also saw the need for this process so we built our own template to handle sourcing requests.  In the out of the box sourcing template you will notice that all the tasks are owned by the project owner.  In our sourcing request template the project owner only own the 1st phase.  In our process the project owner has tasks such as: Attach Statement of Work, and Identify Possible Suppliers.


            The rest of the project is owned by a group called Procurement Managers.  This group is responsible for generating the event content and running the sourcing event.  In order for this group to have the necessary permissions to complete their tasks, you will need to assign the group the role of project owner on the teams tab.  If you want to limit the visibility of the requestor after their tasks are complete you may want to consider adding a task to remind the person responsible for running the sourcing event to change the project owner.


            If you have any questions or would like me to elaborate further on this response feel to reach out to me.

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                Katrice Shaw-Charles Apprentice

                Hello there!


                Did you build the template in Ariba or is it a separate document?



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                    Tim Fabiniak Master

                    I haven't seen what Jordan did, so I might be wrong, but it sounds like they created a Sourcing Full Project Template to be used as a "Sourcing Request." This is a pretty cool idea, but there's a caveat: many customers have just a small number of folks who can create Sourcing Projects.


                    Katrice - what level of detail would you be getting back from your requesters? If they'll have line-item detail, as in, "We need these 300 things," you could probably use a modified version of the Excel Import sheet.

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                      Jordan Sarris Novice

                      Katrice, Tim's interpretation is correct.  I did create a full project in Ariba and gave several people outside of our procurement department access.  It sounds like you are looking for something outside Ariba and unfortunately I don't have anything that fits the bill.  If you are sourcing services I think your best practice would be to have them email you an SOW.  If you are sourcing items, then your best bet is an excel template.  I think Tim has a great suggestion with integrating it with an excel import sheet although I think that may prove difficult to produce.  My company purchases mostly services so I will let someone with more day-to-day experience speak to the best practices for purchasing items.

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                    Allison Earnest Novice

                    Hi Katrice,


                    I think I understand your request - you're looking for a form or excel type document that would tie to a category or commodity specific sourcing activity that you are engaging in - so that you can solicit information from your stakeholders in order to properly scope & define your project (and then to get the details necessary to validate the project and go to market).


                    I have two questions then:

                    - Would this be for building pipeline or for executing projects based on the data collected from the stakeholders? The Ariba Spend Visibility solution has several of the elements that you could utilize for building pipeline based on spend area, supplier, or commodity.

                    - If you're looking for templates to collect information from stakeholders after a project has been identified, perhaps our colleagues or other customers on Exchange could help you with some of their best practices for specific categories.


                    Let me know if you'd like to discuss in more detail either one of these areas!

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                      Ellen Terchila Apprentice



                      What you are looking for makes perfect sense.  We in the Services group at Ariba refer to this as a Project Input Form.  Customers that utilize Ariba for Sourcing Services projects or engagements receive this document from us, so that it can be distributed to the appropriate stakeholders to collect the pertinent project information.


                      If you're planning to develop something like this, preferably in Excel, you should think about including the following:


                      • Lead Stakeholder Name and Contact Information
                      • Project Name
                      • Event Type (RFI, RFP, Reverse Auction, Forward Auction)
                      • Event Publication Date & Deadline
                      • Project Scope and Project Objectives (Category being sourced, spend, contract length)
                      • Suppliers to be included (Incumbents and New)




                      Hope this helps.  If you have any particular categories that you require assistance sourcing (category knowledge, supplier identification, advanced sourcing strategies, etc), please feel free to reach out to me.