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    Multi-Fact Reports - Do you use them?

    Bob Biros Expert

      When I attempt to create a multi-fact report with the Purchase Order and Procurement Contract Workspace, the inline Dimension fields from the Contract Workspace and Purchase Order are not available to select for the report.

      I can accomplish joining the two objects in an AQL Inspector query but not through a multi-fact analysis report.

      This makes analysis multi-fact reports not very useful for me. 

      Is not being able to report on all the fact fields a defect or just a serious shortcoming with multi-fact reports?

      The Ariba documentation states that "...all the data fields from those facts are available for use in the report."


      I realize that two facts can only be joined where they have dimensions in common but shouldn't the other object fields be reportable?

      Does anyone successfully use Multi-fact reports?  If yes, can you include fields other than the common dimension fields?

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          Manny Cortez Expert
          Hi Bob,
          Thanks for submitting the multi-fact question.  As Product Manager for Ariba's Analysis Reporting module this question has come up quite a bit lately.  I do have some good news regarding the current multi-fact limitation that you mentioned but first let me provide additional information on why the current multi-fact feature works the way it does today.

          The existing multi-fact feature was designed to support a  UNION of fields and data from multiple fact tables.  With the UNION  approach comes the restriction to join strictly by dimension fields common to  all fact tables.  Given this restriction, reporting users are therefore not able  to report on fields not common to all fact tables being joined.

          Now for the good news.  Ariba Engineering is actively investigating what it would take to enhance the existing multi-fact functionality to support the more common INNER and OUTER join  types.  This will broaden the reporting users options when wanting to join data  across fact tables.  We are still at an early stage of design and therefore  have not determined the exact release date of this new functionality.  Stay  tuned, as more information becomes available I'll be sure to post the details on  Exchange.

          Hopefully this helps clarify your multi-fact questions.   If you still have questions or if I need to clarify anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

          Thanks again.
          Manny Cortez
          Ariba Analysis Product Manager