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    Benefits of posting to Discovery vs. using a search engine to identify suppliers

    Liz Majetic Ariba Contributor

      A recent Aberdeen study shows that 30% of a strategic sourcing professional’s time is spent on discovering and qualifying suppliers. That includes gathering market data, identifying suppliers, making contact, and obtaining capability information. Ariba Discovery significantly reduces this time by automating this business process.  No more searching, phone calls, and back and forth emails.  Buyers can post their requirements within minutes and be matched to relevant suppliers and receive responses by the deadline the buyer sets.  Buyers even have the ability to remain anonymous. 


      Recent postings on Ariba Discovery: https://service.ariba.com/Discovery.aw/741359/aw?awh=r&aws=AaoZlbmotDuxj4DF&awssk=&dard=1


      What other benefits have buyers found from posting to Ariba Discovery?